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C6-00 MONOLOGUE RM612 released, from the popular Monologu
  redpepper007 Date: Tuesday, 31.01.12, 22:14 | Message # 1
"Chuck Testa!"

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Greetings to all fellow members & respect to the elite Modders & Admins.

At the outset let me tell you all that this is my first creation for the ever popular Nokia 5800XM. I do not own the phone myself, but after request from varios people & friends to create the C^6 MONOLOGUE based on the X^6 MONOLOGUE, I have tried to create something for the C6. I do not own the phone so I cannot test whether my TRY is successful or not..

Kindly try this CFW & let me know the results.

Special respect to Szakalit, Adonix, Coderus, Il.Socio, Upakul, NP, Pirates_Killer, Iwalkwithshadow, Binh24, Illusion, Alrod (who is my inspiration), Varloformey, Mara-,Oreo27, Steven25, Fonix232, Faenil, Leonapapa, John89, Liliantungary, Pirates_Killer, Pedrocst, 008rohit, Nick Thompson, Kotukoylu, Ahmad Afef, DJNJ, Rawand Kurdy, Ahmad Afef and all the other modders & creators & experts who have directly or indirectly helped me in this CFW creation.

Today I present to you my Best Crestion till date - the C^6 MONOLOGUE. This is the Final & Stable release of "C^6 MONOLOGUE".

Experience the most stable, fastest & extremely optimized CFW till date.

This CFW creations is based on the C6 version 20.0.042 itself by Binh24 which has all the basic & enhanced features suiting all levels of personalization like Widgetised Homescreen, Enhanced UI, sound Gaming experience, Pleasant Eye Candy in the form of new icons; to name a few....




System Optimizations


-Redifined overall settings for a faster response rate

-Highly Increased Application/Gaming frame rates

-Increased Touchscreen Response Rate (feel the feel of Capacitive screen)

-Restart option added in Power Button menu instead of Lock Screen & keys

-Optimized effects complexity

-Increased Heap Size for optimized performance

-Fixed Lags in Menu, messaging and Other Large Applications

-Optimim RAM Caching mod

-N8 Kinetic Scrolling pre optimized, pretty smooth

-Real Hack! (No need to use installserver.rmp patch anymore)- HACKED INSTALLSERVER.exe = thanks to PNHT

-Nokia SMS Sending (My Nokia) Disabled

-Tapping Mode added: Shake to get phone silent/snooze Alarm and Calls

-RAM Cache in C:\ for better performance

-Optimized Screen Rotation

-All light bugs fixed with Green Light on while charging (thanks to mara)

-Zero start up of background applications

-Auto optimization of RAM cache for keeping up your phone faster even after heavy usage

-Optimized & Smoothest Kinetic Scrolling available

-Messaging does not lag when over 1000 messages

-Enabled lock/unlock vibration

-C5- tap to unlock added (works in landscape too)

-SwiPolicy changed which enables to install almost all apps without RomPatcher patch (Works 99%)

-OVI Store latest 1.9.08 added with gift of premium apps, it will not run on first startup, just click on it to install

-Settings & Tap to Unlock work in real time. No more delays.(Thanks to Szakalit for Info about the cenrep files)

-Enhanced battery mod specific to C6 port compatibility

Personalisation optimizations


-Default bluetooth name: STRATEGIST

-Default theme set to "C^6 - MONOLOGUE (originally Azure by Shilca, respect to her)

-Many Other Fast & responsive & pleasing Themes also added

-N8 fonts added & font size optimized- better scalability

-No more fonts distortion in Tap to Unlock after sometime as in all other CFWs

-Operator Logo ON/OFF settings available in phone homescreen settings

-Theme effects OFF by default

-Customized theme effects combining 2 effects -RKY ver 2 & some elements of my own for fatster response & smoother performance

-Light Sensor set to 25% and lights time-out set to 30 seconds by default

-Customised Startups n Shutdown screens with matching sound

-Homescreen landscape enabled. disabled landscape in Dialer

-All Lags in Menu removed

-Optimized to run very fast and smooth (Tweaked KS in Menu)

-Enhanced menu structure with N8 icons, all changeable with 3rd party themes- thanks to PNHT & BINH24 & Myself hehe

-Also Mediabar icons changed to N8 style fully skinnable to 3rd party themes

-4row qwerty added

-Autolock timer enabled & set to 30 seconds by default

-Centered text and extended menu thanks to modders in the forum

Messaging, Call & Connectivity Optimizations


-Touch Input with Handwriting training fully working

-Voice Commands Enabled

-Number of message sent saved increase from 20 to 500

-WiFi sensitivity increased and optimized

-FOTA reserved space removed to get more space in C:\ (Phone Memory)

(Anyways UDA file is BLANK so full C drive is free BTW)

-Delivery Reports ON by default in Messaging

-Summary after call ON by default

-Active call duration ON by default

-Vivaz Conversations added & integrated in Messaging Menu

-Added 3 new shortcut bars

-Nokia Web Browser updated

-Some customized Bookmarks added & removed all default ones

-Added "View Images" in options>Display Settings On Internet BROWSER

-Download manager will be started on browser start-up to resume broken download in Internet BROWSER

-Browser now can be rotated in landscape even when sensors are off, tweaked options

-Browser will prompt to continue download if there was a power failure On Internet BROWSER

-Browser Cache moved to E:\ and increased to 20MB On Internet BROWSER

-Nokia default file browser can send sisx, sis, jar and any protected items via bluetooth, mms and uploads

-Nokia default file browser will show system folders and root folder (Just enable ReadCroot.rmp Patch)

-Delivery reports set to ON by default

-Speed dialing & Any Key answer set to OFF by default

-Character support set to full by default & reject call by sms disabled by default

-Messaging application no longer lags when containing a large number of messages

-Added T9 Fixer from PNHT for languages additions

-Logs duration setting changed to 365 days- thanks to Coderus & Szakalit for 10202be9 file descriptions

Audio-Video-Imaging & Camera Optimizations


-If you want to hide a Picture or a Video just transfer them to BSK folder in Mass memory(auto created)

-Camera highly improved & utilizes full 3.2 MP Camera- also enhanced picture quality

(No more bugs in camera app with regards to picture quality & resolution)

-No more Camera already in use

-Camera Sounds Changed To N8 Camera Sound

-Extra Zoom On Camera available

-Now use volume keys to zoom in & out

-Camera now has option to auto-rotate Images

-Camera sound is disabled if warning tone is OFF in profile

-Camera RAM management enabled to save available RAM

-Video Capture Quality improved to get High Detail Videos

-Video Stabilization feature added

-Video recording set to max quality & saving set to Mass Memory

-Brightness & colour tone features optimized

-Voice recorder set to Highest quality & saving set to Phone memory

-Voice recording upto 12 hours

-Video Capture frame rate increased

-Enhanced stereo surround

Apps pre installed in ROM


-RomPatcher+ 2.6 with all the device compatible stable patches


-Bright light torch app

-Themes launcher

-Auto Installer (unable to install bug removed- just restart the cell before installing anything through AI)

-Quick Office & Adobe PDF full versions

-New Music Player 15.2 (Thanks to forum modders)

-New Maps 3.4 beta, very stable & fastest GPS lock.

-Nokia Notifications widget

-Easy Keylock app

-Nokia File browser with full system access

-Nokia Photo Browser (also edited Photos menu to include Photo Browser as an additional viewer) thanks to Ahmad Afef

Photo, Video & Music Suites Optimizations


-Gallery searching improved

-Photos, Videos & Music Suites optimized

-Photos suite has 3D Photo Browser embedded by default as an extra addition thanks to Ahmed Afef

-Video Suite now has a replacement addition of Real Player thanks to Ahmed Afef

-Music Player will read only E:\Music\

-Music player refresh rate is faster

WARNING!! hard reset is very much needed

also never restore your backup just setting backup..don't restore setting...

format MMC is recommended

Now as far as flashing this CFW is concerned its just the same as flashing any C6 port available. U need basically only 6 files like the ROFS2(Already provided here), CORE, UDA & the Signature, VPL & DCP files which you can replace according to your own variant versions (remember you would need to rename the ROFS2 file accordingly as per your variant version)

I have only provided the ROFS2 edited file as CFW which is based on the file by Binh24.

REMEMBER ROFS3 file is to BE REMOVED. Its not required.

A handy tutorial on flashing via JAF is available on the forum.

So, now you are ready to flash after having all the six files as per your variants.

Remember to delete everything from the mass memory after a hard reset before flashing this CFW. Once flashed, a hard reset would do no harm as well, it might just prove useful.

Also just leave aside the phone for 2 minutes after flash & hard reset for the optimizations to take place. Enjoy the transformed 5800XM.

Good luck all & sorry for any lack of mod or customization as I am a novice in CFW creation. Please bear with me. I have tried to incorporate as many mods & enhancements possible for stability & usability. Please report back your observations & whether this CFW has been in any way according to your expectations. Thank you all.

screens can be found here


Well here are are the links-------

C^6 Monologue - http://www.mediafire.com/?nhhop9ebt58is53

QT - Webkit, Libraries, Dependencies & Python - Runtime 2 & Scriptshell

- http://www.mediafire.com/?65is5elbsevegtt

PS- BTW u can install any QT application u like. No more Smart Installer or QT bugs.

All bugs removed.

Enjoi the power of S60 redefined to perfection.

Warm Regards,


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