Oh finnaly I found a modded CFW for our original. Works really great even its a new one!

-Ramblow added

-FileBrowser added

-4x5 menu grid

-Theme effects added

-Animated boot screen and startup sound added

-Number of save sent messages is set to 999

-Faster Screen Rotation

-Music player only reads music files from "E:/sounds/My Music"

-Can now send .sis & .sisx on Default FileManager

-UI Accelerated

-Reduce application closing time delay

-Forces to clear the RAM Cache once camera is closed

-Rompatcher added

-Disabled My Nokia Welcome Screen & Nokia text Message

-Disabled Boot up apps (Contacts, Messaging & Logs) 58mb free ram on startup

-File Caching on all drives for faster performance

-Cam mod added for better Image capturing quality


English, Polish, Philipines. You can easily add other without no erros.

here's the link of the file: http://www.2shared.com/file/gldxf_vX..._prdrofs2.html