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Forum »   Symbian zone » CFW downloads » Shadow 1.5 CFW for 5530,5800,5233,5230,X6 based on C6v40 by
Shadow 1.5 CFW for 5530,5800,5233,5230,X6 based on C6v40 by
  blade Date: Friday, 13.01.12, 14:50 | Message # 1
"s60v5 elite flasher"

Forum posts: 105
Awards: 8

Visual Mods :

Theme: Code:Shadow, Code:Shadow (T) by me - (base theme used rob by IND190) (T) means transparent widget holder, you can use your own wallpaper with this!
S^3 menu on landscape
Drigz's Premium Page Symbols working with Emoticons for 6v40 - Exclusive Mod
Emoticons Added!
N8 Smileys Update
S^3 loading bar is used
calibri font with symbol support updated - Added Restart and Shutdown support
landscape buttons size minimized - now more space on landscape by dan-av
New Symbian Anna Icons! PR2-3 Icons updated!
New Symbian Anna Icon on key lock by Drigz
Modified default MEDIABAR look!
fixed homescreen bug (landscape>lock>turn to portrait>slide to unlock) - no more messed up HS
Grid is changed to 3X4 portrait and 6X2 landscape
S^3 center text (portrait only)
PhoneBook N8 style by Akshay5233
Extended Menu is now used
Black Slide to unlock
Splash Screen: Plain black background white text Nokia splash screen
Profile Name - General
Modified menu by Drigz Arrangement
Themes Icon added on menu
Disable Message Notification
iphone rotation effects
Homescreen Layout by Drigz
Additional Shortcut Bars in C6 Homescreen - up to 5

Performance Mods :

Speed upgrades
Better Ram manager
Theme Effects are more smoother, Rotation ultimately faster than ever!
Touch screen is now more responsive
Kinetic Scrolling Modified for personal preference
Improved Music Quality by pirates_killer - use headset, turn on bass, turn on stereo widening, max volume, Change equalizer to bass booster and feel the difference. BIG improvement on bass
Improved Image Quality - Jpeg compression is removed, thus, you will get better results on Pictures.
Camera on X6 now full use of 5 mega pixels. Image quality is improved
Photos 1.01 is used - faster loading thumbnails
Increased Framerate to 60 - Improved UI animations
Increased Cpu speed to 100 - ideal speed and at the same time to save battery
Improve WIFI sensitivity
Improved Heap Size
Improved Rotation Speed
Improved Video Capture
Improved kinetic scrolling
Increased Ram Caching
Heap Size increased more than before. Application Closing is now faster than before
Application Policy Mod - Pre hacked phone. install any apps without signing.
battery mod - so you can save more battery more significantly.
changed system cache to drive E (not browser cache) - for faster ram management.
Cache Increased
Mega Startmod (prevent running useless apps from startup, fixes media bar bug on c6 Note: must restart after flashing to take effect) by ShadowNinty
prevent apps running in background (messaging, logs, clock, contacts)
Ram Saving Camera Exit
Remove FOTA Cache - saves 5mb on drive C

System Mods :

AUTO ROTATE ALPHANUMERIC/QWERTY!!! C6 port is now complete!
Nokia Internet Brower - Extremely fast
Shutdown and Restart symbols added when pressing power button
music player not open menu on exit
Music player Update 15.2 intergration - latest music player integrated, you can be able to see lyrics (.lrc files) or any mp3 with lyrics embeded
S^3 qwerty mod look
standard 3X10 qwerty is now used - for bigger keys and more space on Input area and easier typing
Auto Rotate While on Slide to unlock Screen
Restart option when you quick tap power button credits to CodeRus
Video shortcut media bar fix
Added smooth control backlight
Help disabled. All applications are "asking" for StaticFeatures.dll the presence of the help system, the item "Help" will not show
Now when you press the Power button does not discharge to the desktop and a window appears with a choice of profiles, turning off the phone, etc. (like in the good old days)
Disabled mini QWERTY
New alpanumeric keyboard by Dan-av
Swap Buttons OK and Mode Switch in Alpha-numeric keyboard by Dan-av
Gallery Mod - changed "Share Online" button to "Delete" button
No calendar days bug!
Web user agent of your phone is set to N97 - means you can download N97 apps and other S60v5 apps
Working TV-Out (Only phones with hardware support) by newcooller
Bluetooth mod - on the dialer, press and hold 0 to turn on/off bluetooth
Swipe HS clean - HS shows no widgets if you swipe it.
On the main HS page, you can now remove profile clock widget. - to put it back again, just set it on the HS again then restart.
Removed vibrate on side lock/unlock
Added easykeylock to hs shortcut widget
FadeDisable on popup
All lights bugs fixed -v2, dimming with green charger light by mara- (for 5800,5230,5233,X6)
Lights fix by newcooler dimming with red charger light (for 5530)
Auto Installer - for installing multiple apps/games/themes at the same time
Extra sensor settings - tapping control options added
Removed "Show Open Apps" on all system popups - just use long press menu by yener90
Resume download on restart
RomPatcherPlus v2.03
Send Everything from file browser
USB Mass Storage Default
Fixed Keyguard timeout - now you can set light timeout and keyguard timeout seperately. ex. light timout 30sec, keyguard timeout 50sec - credits to dan-av

DOWNLOAD LINK http://forum.smartphonegeeks.in/index.php?topic=1765.0

Forum »   Symbian zone » CFW downloads » Shadow 1.5 CFW for 5530,5800,5233,5230,X6 based on C6v40 by
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