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[HOT] N8 CFW v5.1 Fix by Anna vutaikt style 30/6/2K11
  redpepper007 Date: Friday, 13.01.12, 13:16 | Message # 1
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Name: 1309401778473669526_574_574.jpg <br /> Views: 485 <br /> Size: 19.7 KBName: 1309401779746082503_574_574.jpg <br /> Views: 486 <br /> Size: 19.7 KBName: 13090014241384871995_574_574.jpg <br /> Views: 486 <br /> Size: 47.8 KBName: 13094017772067459715_574_574.jpg <br /> Views: 492 <br /> Size: 36.2 KBHello all of you! Do yourself busy exam time graduate ko conditional Online hope your sympathy. And as promised I will make a copy of your CFW for N8 and N8 you are running. It is free up to this new brother was. The test is very carefully about my five days near the new post should be used very well for you up before you plan to do sai.Luc an anna a default icon used for about a day but I do not see the icon that has full view period seems not everybody then flash back to the default icon anymore so I deleted the icon and the icon anna go into default. Who like to add icon anna, just set the icon theme is anna who want the original icon is the same. Update on 06.30.2011 version v5.1 fix for N8.

What's New with Version v5.00

+ Add new theme is quite nice icon anna. (Fix by vutaikt)

+ Delete from the file UDA qt. (You install the latest qt and ovistore the file below.

+ Delete FOTA file up to 5MB of memory C.

+ Improved touch. CPU speed up to 95% when running the application and the initial point when the machine at rest (saving battery).

+ Replace two images at the start off the new v5.00 tinhte bang2 more.

+ Default date and time after flash is done on 06.30.2011 9.

+ Change the ringtone on incoming calls and music of configuration messages by genuine N8 ringtones and music unique message. ^ ^.

+ Mod clock off the screen horizontally as E7.

+ Turn off warning call forwarding.

+ Turn off automatic send message to nokia (to celebrate ...)

+ Fix display in the email widget v5.0

+ Add 10 patch to ROMPatcher to help you to find (remember to apply ROMpatcher offline).

+ Disable autostart directories calendar implicit call to the message. save 3MB of RAM.

************************************************** ************ Image em it.

And here are two pictures instead of words Nokia startup.

The mods have tr0ng the CFW for this Pr1.2 N8 v14.002

+ Add installserver.exe file into the ROM. 100% hack machine. Format (4 button or * # 7370 #) freely without losing hack

+ Add Rompather into the ROM. You go to application manager open4all apply to light. Format (4 button or * # 7370 #) freely without losing ROMPatcher.

+ Replace the image start / shutdown Nokia ugly word with two pictures Hot Girls Kute. The style of Anna. (Format comfortable not lost)

+ Change the sound image boot image and sound amplifier N8 style boot up at 8. spoiled to light. (Ko format loss).

+ Delete lun default font and font instead of genuine Nokia Pure beautiful.

Off 11 + applications that run underground after reboot (calendar contacts message ... v. ..) Increase significantly Ram.

+ Delete lun default effects and effect change in the effect of X7 symbian Anna.

+ Mod 6 homescreen. Format not take comfort.

+ Upgrade to latest Ovistore 08/02/42

+ Set the available QT 4.7.3 Qt 4.7.3 Qt webkit 4:08 mobility. Ko to install qt ahead.

+ Mod Kinetic: Kinetic cuon Thanh smooth super fast.

+ Improved UI touch-sensitive interface, increasing the FPS from 60fps to 72 fps (HD graphics Play more games

+ Added option to mute camera installed in the camera (Camera Sound Mute).

+ Mod autofocus for N8.

Mod + Camera 10X Zoom photo (by default the machine is 3x).

+ Added Icon themes Anna

+ Increased the default volume to 100%.

+ Mod warn faster Popup

Mod + read-only image viewer image in the folder Images (thanks to mathanh).

+ Mod Music player only read the songs in the folder EF / Music

You must copy the songs to the Music folder slightly. If this folder is not created.

+ Transfer cache memory from hard drive C to E, the maximum amount of memory to 32MB.

+ Increases the ability to record up 12 quality 256kbs, stereo.

+ Increase the playback volume up 100% and Muisc player heap size to 32mb.

+ Mod the vibration feedback.

+ Mod Ram returned when off camera (~ 1MB).

+ Improve the ability to rotate the screen more sensitive.

Mod N8 + RDS FM Transmitter

N8 + Mod for Picture / Viddeo (097/25FPS).

Picture quality changed from the original compression rate 85/75/60 ​​to 97/85/75, will change the 25fps video and audio recording quality will vary from 128kbps to 256kbps.

+ Increase your FPS Video call from 05/10/15 to 10/15/20. Call little sharper video.

+ Mod Music Player Equalizer to add the band to the music and can modify the frequency

+ Mod increase Camera Zoom for better.

+ Edit the configuration Profile, Adding a number of different configurations.

The application also: ko ko delete and format also takes

+ + Network swicth Vietnamese goods - software fast network switch.

+ + Memcheck - PM memory test.

+ + Branch 1 Torch Key Lock icon by VH mod vutaikt

+ + Add data dictionaries English Vietnamese dictionary entries into default.

Download the Firmware v5.00 for the N8


Thank you for your feedback. minh have found was caused by KHJ Dog goj fjle. rofs2 rofs3 file of nokia is no override to be missing qt mobility. you install qt 4.7.3 on nhe. www.mediafire.com /? t760wk6c698z55w Download Unzip the folder after qt 4.7.3 installed in the order of 123. Then qt folder not sag motility fiile not rule the rest. Ak Minh forget to update ko pm see more video and subtitles. Of downloads added cai nhe. www.mediafire.com/?2vqazm763318wag [/ QUOTE] Download the fix for N8 CFW V5.1 update on 06/30/2011 Note after flashing you need to install one of the following applications. Be sure to set the order slightly. 1. Qt 4.7.3 1.13 qt latest mobility. (Unzip installed in 1234 to drive C). 2. then install the latest v2.8.42 ovistore 3. update to install video player to display subtitles . before you flash with Phoenix the 16GB hard drive go offline format. Then copy all the firmware on the path C: \ Program Files \ Nokia \ Phoenix \ Products \ RM- 596 then turn Phoenix normal flash (can be used for rapid deadphone mode). ADVERTISING

] N8 CFW v5.1 Fix by Anna vutaikt style 30/6/2K11


Forum »   Symbian zone » CFW downloads » [HOT] N8 CFW v5.1 Fix by Anna vutaikt style 30/6/2K11
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