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Nokia N8 RM-596 PR1.2 UDA CFW 14.002 v1.2.8 [Updated on 10-0
  redpepper007 Date: Friday, 13.01.12, 13:15 | Message # 1
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Nokia N8 RM-596 PR1.2 UDA CFW 14.002 v1.2.x [Updated on 08-05-2011]

integrated in v1.2.x

Update 08-05-2011 (show last editing reason for time!!!)

- various small things corrected or improved, for example, what is written in red

All options are editable:

- Charging/Battery low notes

- Automatically booting phone when charger connected to swithced-off phone

- FM transmitter on/off notifications

- Poversave Mode notifications

- Leave offline mode query to access network. For power key event.

- Bluetooth stays on when switching to offline mode

- ...

under c: \ installation files it finds "sysap_coderus_en.twk Open with the normal file manager. This will open tweaks. SYSTEM plugin download - Enable Restart edit functions


Language: Nederlands, English, Francais, Deutsch, Italiano, Türkce

1. NEW Installserver.exe

Install Unsigned Software

2. max. 6 Homescreens

3. On first homescreen date and profile display is optional removable

4. Menu Grid -> Activation: rename c:\sys\bin "mmwidgets.dll-BAK" to "mmwidgets.dll"

5. Lock screen and keyboard replaced by Reboot phone -> German language completely added: switch off! is to "Abschalten!" and reboot to "Telefon neustarten!" and any other notes about the run

6. Browser’s Cache in E:\

7. Changed SplashScreen to v1.2.8

8. Changed Startup/Shutdown screen and sound [E:\Animations] -> install c:\install\animations.sis

9. Positioning methods only Integrated GPS + Wi-Fi/Networks

10. Voice recorder – High (12H/xxx kbps/Stereo)

11. Music Player

- Equalizers - New/Delete/Edit Profile -> credits CODeRUS[/COLOR] [i removed the additional 6 EQ Presets - make your own] German language added

- Song Metadata editing -> credits CODeRUS

Then open Music Player, select Track, go to Options -> Details -> Options -> Edit

After editing go to Options -> Save

12. Music Player Volume/Heap Mods (80%/32MB)

13. Camera Sound Option Mute

14. Smoother Zoom in Photo/Video

15. FM Transmitter RDS: Nokia N8

16. Music Gallery Folders

-Music Gallery Folders excluded lots of folders path,now it's will only show E:\Music\, E:\Sounds\, F:\Music\, F:\Sounds\, G:\Music\, G:\Sounds\ contents

17. Photo Gallery Folders

-Photo Gallery Folders excluded lots of folders path, now it's will only show E:\Images\, F:\Images\ contents.

18. Photo/Video (100/30FPS)

19. Continuous AutoFocus

20. Default Settings Changed

standard profile offline

Disables 'enhancement connected' notes only for the standard selected

Show Call Duration - YES

Rich Call Settings - YES

Summary After Call - YES

Active Call Duration show in Logs - YES

contact search default - on

Confirm SIM services - Yes

power saving query - not shown

Light time-out - 20sec

Blink light for - 5 min

Screen saver - none

Voice recorder - High

bluetooth visibility - hidden

- Camera Image Settings

Image Print 12M Large

Capture tone - OFF

- Camera Video Settings

Video stabilisation - ON

Continuous auto-focus - Off

Show last captured video - NO

21. integrated programs

- OVI Store v2.06.00042

- OVI Maps v3.07(143)

-> Check In, Check In Agent, Check In Data, Check In Widget, Create a Place, Drive, Guides, Map and Navigation, Maps Settings Plugin, ODML Commons Repository... and old SignInEnabler_92.01

- Nokia OVI Suite connection programs (which is usually installed when the n8 the first time connects with ovi suite) and you can Uninstall it

- Swype Pen Input and you can Uninstall it

- LeGPSData and you can Uninstall it

- Nokia File Browser V4.5 FIXED and you can Uninstall it

- Screensnap (default -> shortcut key: CameraShutter1, Image Type: JPEG-High quality, Base file name: Screenshot, Storage: Memory card) and you can Uninstall it

- Qt 4.07.3

- QtMobility 1.01.2

- QtWebKit 4.08.0

- QtViewer 1.00.0 and you can Uninstall it

- Bubble Lock v0.11.4: Battery Bubble, Flashlight Bubble, Friends Bubble, Profile Bubble

tested [i always install completely new with current mass storage(refurbish)]:

OVI Store and Maps works

Bubble Lock and addons works

Pano Wallpaper works without Nokia_Smart_Installer -> 3 images added

- Quick Search: Conversation Appl_v1.57, Conversation Server_v1.57, InternetSearch_v2.00.1, InternetSearch_v2.00.1, messaging_v1.58, Searchwidget_v1.01.1, VideoPlayer_v9.22.53

22. Other settings

- QtExamples/QtDemos, Viewer removed from menu

- QuickOffice already registered -> office open and start typing without having to email and connect to wlan

- AdobeReader already registered -> AdobeReader open and start typing without having to email and connect to wlan

- NOKIA PURE FONT installed in C:\resource\Fonts]

order should seek to locate fonts z: - c: -> e -> f: be. if you install your own on the e: is in any case.

23. the opportunity to remove the following programs with no error message:

Movie Teasers

Nat Geo

CNN Video

E! Online

uninstall only possible after the first restart the phone!


- the internal file manager does not show the system folder. have deliberately left out

Use at your own risk. No one is perfect. A calculator can not divide by zero. but if I do not by anything I have nothing?

Download v1.2.x

Attachments: 9270048.jpg(31.4 Kb)

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