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    added by Swapz on 15.09.11 @ 08:36

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Hack your NOKIA N8 C7 E7 C6 5800 5320 n97 700 or any other right now!

We are not responsible if you screw up your phone by this. This method is tested and has no hazardous effects.

So basically it's one of the ancient Symbian hacking alike method.

There's a security hole in Dr.Web Antivirus which is taken advantage of and used to access the system files.




You can only do this with a PC. Connect your phone via Mass Storage

You need to view the hidden files and folders to access the Private folder.

We suggest you to copy all files and install everyhting on the Memory Card

! If you have SonyEricsson Satio or Vivaz, you need to use other tutorial - click here

1. Get proper drivers:

- If you are going to use Memory card download QuarantineDriversLDD.rar

- If you are going to use Mass storage download QuarantineDriversF.rar

2. Unpack archive and move to the files to the Private folder, so that the path will be E:/Private/20024113/Quarantine/...



3. Download and install DrWeb6or Norton

4. Launch DrWeb / Norton and use the Demo key.

5. Go to Options - Quarantine


6. Go Options - Select all (if there are no files to select, then: 1) make sure you copied all 4 files, 2) restart phone)

For those of you having error message  "E:/sys/bin/patcher*. LDD not found!" , please do step 6 by select one by one , don't select all. 

7. Go Options - Restore

After doing this all files should dissapear. If they duplicated, then this means that wrong QuarantineDrivers were used. Go back to the first step and make sure to clear the Quarantine folder before copying new files.

8. Download and install RomPatcher+ 3.1 Lite

9. Launch RomPatcher+ and apply Open4all patch

If RP+ gives you error "E:/sys/bin/patcher*. LDD not found!" then you have used wrong QuarantineDrivers from first step. Go back, and start all over again with the correct drivers copied!

- Now you have access to write in all system folders
- You can now apply installserver patch (it's required for installing all unsigned applications without any certificate restrictions).

10. Now, decide which version of Symbian is your device and download respective installserver:

If you don't know which one is yours, then click here to find out!

Symbian^3/Anna/Belle: Use Coderus's Install server.

S60v5 and S60v3 FP2: Use s60v3_s60v5_installserver

S60v3 FP1: Use s60v3_FP1 installserver

S60v3 PreFP1: Use s60v3_Pre_FP1 installserver

alternative Anna / Belle: Use this installserver

11. Download, extract and move the installserver.exe to E:/sys/bin

12. Enable the installserver.exe patch in Rompatcher and you're all set to install unsigned apps!

If you experience any installserver issues, visit Coderus website

13. Consider becoming a Premium member on Mobiles Unleashed as a thanks - click here

That's It! Congratulations!


Feel Free To Post Comments !!!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q. Does this works on my Nokia ... ?

A. Yes, this works on 99.999% any Symbian

Q. I can't access E:/Private/20024113

A. First of all, connect mobile to pc with usb in mass memory mode, then enable hidden files on your pc and then create folder 20024113

Q. DrWeb6 is not installing!

A. Then try Norton, it's the same.

Q. When I go Options - Quarantine there are no files

A. That's because you copied Quarantine drivers to wrong folder, didn't copy them at all or used wrong drivers (LDD/F)

Q. I receive error "E:/sys/bin/patcher*. LDD not found!"

A. Check that you are using correct drivers. Then select files one by one (don't use ''select all'' function)

Q. After pressing ''Restore'' files doesn't dissapear, they duplicate!

A. This means that wrong Quarantine drivers were used. First remove any files you copied to E:/Private/20024113, then go back to step 1  and copy other drivers. If this doesn't works, then try Norton hack.

Q. I can't enable installerver / open4all patch!

A. Make sure you are using correct installserver. Try the Norton hack. Or visit Coderus website for support.

If any more questions, feel free to post comments below:

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12.09.12 | 23:03

I've also got a e7-00 ... I'm using a USB-cable to get access to my memory card.
It's a pitty it doesn't work for me... I'm stuck at step 6 ... there are no files in quarantine shown in norton ... I also tried drivers following the instructions... there are just no files shown, in norton (quarantine list) ... can you help me?

I'm using a USB-cable to get access to my memory card.
plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zz dooooooooooooooo helppppppppppppppppppppppp mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

12.09.12 | 22:49

hey they aint showing those three files in norton there is on 1 file...can u plz help me...n tell me how 2 use norton so that it will show those files...

25.08.12 | 23:08

step 7 when i restore they duplicate i tried both drivers no 1 work :( my device e5 also what is my install severe plz help

18.08.12 | 23:26

what is the install severe for nokia x6?? I could not find out plz helppppppppppppp dance dance

18.08.12 | 09:24

I receive error "E:/sys/bin/patcher*. LDD not found!"

17.08.12 | 00:52

i download this dr. web nd norton hack from this web site but does not work....what can i do???????????????????

17.08.12 | 00:50

Dr. Web or Norton hack...both are not installing on my device....My device is Nokia 5233....it shows error file when i want installing the dr, web or norton hack.....how can i could this...??????????????

11.08.12 | 12:50

Hello,my phone`s do not show "private"file i do not discover it ?

04.08.12 | 11:52

i cant install drweb6... it says component already built in!! pls help

01.08.12 | 15:20

is there a way to know that the phone is already hacked or not, it gives error when i move 20024113 folder to private, help...

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