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So you want a clean factory fresh Nokia N8
  redpepper007 Date: Wednesday, 26.10.11, 19:12 | Message # 1
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many people are worried about formatting their phone or wandering how to format it and not loose nokia wallpapers and what they had on the handset from new... for example i formatted my phone and lost all my nokia videos and the useage of bbc iplayer downloads working as id removed the liscences

with this little guide you will be bale to have a factory fresh n8 ive done it many times now but have just found out how to restore the mass memory content as well (approx 800mb-1gb of files)

step 1 -- make all backups you need of messages , contacts , bookmarks , calender entrys via file manager or ovi these should be fine do not back up files or settings these may corrupt your handset again and not make it factory fresh ie fragments of data may still be present if you restore settings or files ovi can also back up pictures etc as well

step 2 -- format the mass memory of your n8 , we do this to clear out alot of program files

step 3 -- peform a 3 finger salute hard format this is done while switching the phone on while holding Volume Down + Camera Key + Menu Key and is known as a hard reset which wipes eerything including qt files we will need to install later

step 4 -- download and install phoneix 2010.24.008.43820

step 5 -- without your n8 connected to your pc open phoneix and wait for it to load , at the top of phoneix you have some tabs , look for tools . click tools at the top of phoneix , then click data package download

step 6 -- this opens a box now simply add your product code from your n8 or another n8 that you wish to restore to , you can find your product code by pressing *#0000# on the n8 dialler , when you have inputted your product code there is a box under this in the very bottom left that says check avalibillity click this

step 7 -- phoneix now checks nokia servers for your firmware files , it should find them , when it does , click the two little check boxes / download files to network folder or temp location / download additinal files also like mass memory

it is very important that you tick both the check boxes mentioned above

step 8 -- when you have ticked the two check boxes check the download size and click download button , this will now download your n8 files including mass memory files to the right place on your pc for phoneix to use , if mass memory files are present the download will be between 800mb and 1.3gb in size

step 9 -- when download is complete connect your n8 to pc via usb in ovi suite mode and wait a few ticks , now in phoneix click file at the top , then click scan product , it will scan and find your n8

step 10 - when your n8 is found at the top of phoneix click the tab flahsing , then click firmware update , this will bring up a new screen and phoneix should automatically find your firmware files

step11 -- click refurbish and the firmware flash and mmc flash should stat and finish leaving you with a factory fresh n8

step 12 -- as you performed a hard reset you may have to install qt components again to do this visit here Download (N8FanClub.com)Qt_4_7_for_Symbian_3.zip for free on Filesonic.com and download that file

step 14 -- when that file is downloaded simply unzip folders and from folder 4.6 install qt.sis and qtwebkit.sis to phone memory , now go to main menu and click ovi icon and install ovi via the download , after ovi is downloaded switch off your n8 and switch it back on

now open folder 4.7 from the download above and install qtwebkit_2.1.sis and qt_4_7_0_opengl.sis into phone memory

Forum »   Symbian zone » Tutorials | How to » So you want a clean factory fresh Nokia N8 (works for other nokias too)
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