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New Nokia N8 Firmware
  king17 Date: Wednesday, 23.11.11, 19:33 | Message # 1

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I've been tested the Belle version and you got to believe me guys,the Belle Delight 3.4 works badass(awesome).
Everything it's perfect in it and you have many advantages like:

213+ MB Free in C:
Original N9 startup tone added as startup tone.
Send protected files from default file browser.
Added Installserver (for installing apps with any privileges, never been posted anywhere before by CodeRUS)
Welcome message disabled.
• No more Ovi activation screen after startup, it’s disabled.
• Added folder Patches.
• Change Startup animation & tone location to C:\data\Animations with special and unique Delight Belle startup animation.
Twirl effect
Maximum of 10 Home Screens now.
• Call summary on by default.
• Call duration on by default.
• Equalizer editing mod (Latest and perfect).
• Fixed GPRS/WiFi information in Logs.
Fast Screen Rotation.
• The FM Transmitter now sends RDS "Nokia N8" and not just "Nokia".
Turn Off Predictive Text Input by default.
• The rate of 50 frames per second.
• 50% CPU power for alfappserver.exe.
• Rendered OpenGL ES2.0.
• Unlimited cache.

and much more,also the battery has a better life, i recomended to every N8 user pecause doesn't have major bugs,personally i didn't find bugs in it.Peace happy happy happy happy
  redpepper007 Date: Saturday, 26.11.11, 16:22 | Message # 2
"Chuck Testa!"

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thanks for the post, rep+

  king17 Date: Monday, 28.11.11, 20:49 | Message # 3

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Hmmm there are some few problems with this CFW and i want to share with you all people :

On my N8 of course :D

1.Flv files downloaded from youtube and played from phone directly lags somethimes or even crash the flash player( i recommend using 022.14 or 025.007 Anna for flv files pecause their are working much great and smoother)will wait for official Belle release on N8.C7.E7 and other.
2.When you navigate on internet and you want to go to ovi it says you should download a oldier version and its strange because a 3.2....... version its already installed in this CFW.
3.somethimes the screen doesnt works and the phones freezes and restarts it self but rare...very rare but its good to know about it.
3.as a said in the last topic with belle beta there is no support for java on it
4.Shazam doesn't works pecause it gives a download error but the file its already downloaded well i recomnend using SoundHoud or if you want shoutcast radio you can use Tune Wiki its a cool app im using it and im very happy with it.
5.Asphalt 6 freezes when you enter a race but in menu the fps is greater than latest FW.Angry birds also works awesome

Thats it for the moment if i would have on the future more problems i will post it here.
Have a nice day.!!
Forum »   Symbian zone » CFW Flashing zone » New Nokia N8 Firmware (Work sLike Charm !)
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