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Global Upgrade discussion
  redpepper007 Date: Thursday, 16.04.09, 16:48 | Message # 1
"Chuck Testa!"

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Global Update over the period of 15.06.08 - 1.04.09

[+] New
[-] Fixed bug
[ *] Change

Main global innovations:

General authorization

With uID, it will be easier for people to register on a website, and for site owners to get regular users. A global account is much more valuable, therefore a user will think twice before spoiling his/her reputation, even on one single website. General authorization makes possible friendship between websites, blogs and traffic exchange.

Webtop (web desktop)

This is an alpha-version of this feature that is basically intended for the management of an account. Later it will be supplemented with other tools: for work with a website, for planning, for work with graphics etc.

Search module

Now you can search the whole website, and not only a separate module. And this module will be further developed.

PDA version of a website

You may enable it for your website, which will make it available for a handy browsing from PDAs, smartphones and other modern mobile devices.


61 pcs., and more will be added.


More than 20 000, probably you’ll find some of them useful.


Now search engines Google, Yahoo! etc. will index your websites faster.


[+] Awards.

We hope this feature will be handier than similar features in other systems.

[+] Reputation is not limited. It can be given every day. The higher user’s reputation, the weightier his/her voice.

[+] Notifications in a User Bar about new PMs.

[+] PM notification about a new reputation comment.


[+] PM about a post report.

[+] "Good/bad" ratings (realized by means of Awards).

[+] Security flaws have been fixed.

[+] Message about the absence of permissions to create a thread or post a reply.


[+] When creating a poll, you can now choose user groups that are allowed to vote.

[+] You can allow a user to vote only once (deletion of cookies and IP change won’t help).


[+] Nested (tree-like) system of comments (at option).

[+] System for viewing new comments. A new button will appear in a User Bar (similar to the Admin Bar) to quickly view new comments to an entry (it’s an up-to-date and handy feature).

[+] Subscription to/unsubscription from comments.

[+] Rating of comments.

  redpepper007 Date: Thursday, 16.04.09, 16:48 | Message # 2
"Chuck Testa!"

Forum posts: 1277
Awards: 67


[ *] A list of online users etc. is now limited. If there are more users, a link "Full list" will appear. This saves traffic and space, and those who wish will click on the link.

[+] Tag cloud/tag list.

[+] List of awarded users. Makes it possible to organize TOPs.

Page Editor

[+] Capability of virtual insertion of pages. It allows to create tree-structure pages; simplifies management of pages if they are somehow connected with each other; simplifies the use of Page Editor for specific projects.


[+] New mode of design customization. (The Builder)

All new users and the users who have restored the design will get an excellent possibility to customize design in a new way. All personal designs can be also adjusted to add new features. The details are in the "Template builder" section.
After a design has been installed, the system creates 2-4 global blocks. For most designs they are Top, Bottom, Left, Right. Therefore, it will be very easy to change anything, especially if you use the "Block builder" (don’t confuse it with the "Template builder").
After the update has been finished and bugs have been fixed, we’ll make tutorials on how to do complicated things easily.

[ *]page10 etc. in all templates.

[+] New codes: firefox, 3.0, .

[ *] We have tried to bring all template $codes$ to a general appearance.

[ *] The menu management system has been changed.

Now you can create tree-structure menus by means of a handy builder. You can create up to 10 menus and paste them by means of uCoz $codes$. Advanced users can also change the design of each menu by means of CSS.

[ *] [ ] have been removed from page switchers, now you can make beautiful switchers by means of CSS.

[ *] The “Previous” and “Next” signs in page switchers have been added to the “Substitution of default phrases”.

[+] jQuery library has been implemented and expanded.

Now you don’t need to connect it separately. In future we’ll write guides on our window/menu/suggest builders.

[ *] A number of phrases are in templates, and to change them you need to first find them in the corresponding templates, which is quite difficult for some users. Now new installed designs will have a handy feature for editing all phrases in templates. This can be done in the "Substitution of default phrases" section, after you click on "Edit template phrases".


[+] CAPTCHA when editing data, which prevents auto-filling of forms.

[+] Various styles for the security code have been added (random). If a security code is unreadable you don’t need to refresh a page, just click on the image and it will change.

[ *] Restoration of a backup copy has been automated.

However, this feature is not available for all users by default, since it will be easy to create hundreds of website clones or to recreate a blocked website with illegal content. To get this possibility you will not have to pay money. You will just need to contact Technical Support and explain why you want to restore a website, to explain that you really need it.

[+] Management of access to smileys and BB codes in tag boards.

[+] Prohibition to upload html files if a user has a level, lower than a moderator.

[-] A user under ban won’t be able to add an entry to any module.

Other (general)

[+] Redirect “301” from a system domain to an attached domain. Now you don’t need to use JavaScript for this purpose (you can disable this feature if you don’t need it).

[+] Tips of the type "Do you know that…".

[+] The bug of blanking image fields after clicking on "+" (add field) has been fixed.

[+] A new audio player with a playlist has been added.

[+] Right-to-left (RTL) mode for websites with RTL writing.

New language localizations


Besides, there are a lot of other corrections and improvements, many of which are connected with the internal architecture and are not visible

  MobileWon Date: Saturday, 13.02.10, 02:14 | Message # 3
"Symbian God"

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This is actually some good information about site Red.

"Fly Like An Eagle"
  HappyPhone Date: Tuesday, 15.02.11, 18:26 | Message # 4

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I am planing on donation to 10$ to this site. But i will stay a while see how it is :P
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