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    added by MobileWon on 27.04.10 @ 17:10

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The New Nokia N8 Video (Official)

The N8 will feature a TI 680MHz processor with 256MB of RAM and a decent 16GB of flash memory. The main camera will have a 12-megapixel sensor with Carl Zeiss optics and a Xenon flash (they really didn’t spare any expense, that camera is nicer than some point-and-shoot digital cameras we’ve seen). It’ll have a VGA forward facing camera too, for video conferencing.

It will have a 3.5-inch OLED screen. No slide out keypad or keyboard of any kind. Nokia is going all-virtual with the input on this device, which could be a first for them. The phone will ship with Symbian^3, the updated mobile OS from Nokia. Unfortunately, Symbian^3 reviewed poorly in the early hands-on from the Russian website – but you may want to try it yourself.

The phone will have a HDMI-out port. Nokia’s press release promises "HD-quality” video. You’d imagine that if it had a HDMI port, then it would be at least 720p capable, but Nokia doesn’t explicitly say that. Other features includes GPS with free navigation thanks to Ovi Maps, etc. etc.

It’s set to come out in Q3 2010. Nothing yet on being carried by any carriers, but I wouldn’t count on this phone being carried by any – if Nokia’s past history is any indication. It will run on GSM bands.

Following the announcement of the all new Nokia N8, Nokia have now released
 a series of videos to get your taste buds flowing.

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03.07.10 | 14:45

dis wl rule nokia.......i m sure...!!!

28.04.10 | 02:39

You know it actually reminds me of the HTC SideKick. It loosks as if a qwerty should slide out, but does'nt.

28.04.10 | 02:39

ma friend had one of those with T-mobile and wow i hated that thing lol

27.04.10 | 22:12

so instead of callin it the N87 like everyone thought they would call it they've went fuck it...... N8 lmao

looks cool, I WANT tongue

27.04.10 | 20:58

n gage 3 with ps2 graphics lol tongue tongue tongue tongue

27.04.10 | 20:57

i think symbian 3 and 4 will be beter than iphone biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin lol tongue tongue

27.04.10 | 19:19

Asphalt 5 has been ported to S3 ... this might be interesting ... but ... the iphone isn't a very good phone . i mean look at htc HD 2 . better processor than iphone's one but it still can't beat it . the fact is that it doesn't matter how good a phone is , if it won't have many apps and stuff for the operating system. let's hope that the new symbian 3 will be more successful than the previous one. maybe an n-gage 3.... who knows ... biggrin

27.04.10 | 17:48

Umm, looks kinda okay tongue At least far better than 6120c... wink

27.04.10 | 17:39

I'm not crazy about the looks. Its not ugly, but I like the look of the X6 more. Id also prefer a slide out qwerty keyboard. Good to see Nokia has stepped it up with Symbian 3, but they're still not blowing the competition out of the water.

27.04.10 | 17:29

So, the first S3 has arrived, good and bad news; The good News: Good phone with 12 MP and nice display, now only the hardware has to be ok. The bad News: Now an other concurent is out there. tongue tongue

27.04.10 | 17:41

Yes ASS, they have just entered the race. tongue

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