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    added by GhenMoKai on 26.11.10 @ 23:38

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Firstly, let's be absolutely clear that we don't know this is Nokia's X7, but given the polished, entertainment-centric design (it has four speakers, apparently), we're inclined to believe that it's the real deal. Its screen looks to be the same 4-inch affair as on Nokia's E7, it's running the latest Symbian OS (formerly known as Symbian^3), and pictures of its rear reveal an 8 megapixel camera. The last detail of import, naturally, is the reassurance that comes from knowing that this supposed X7 can crunch through Need for Speed quite nicely. Jump past the break to see it on video.

The video's been thrown into private mode pretty quickly. Let us know if you find any copies of it floating about the interwebs.

Update 2: Thanks to the lightning-fast gang at Mobile Bulgaria, we've got a new copy of the video up past the break. We've also spotted that this handset has four homescreens rather than the three available on currently released Symbian handsets. A newer version of the software? Might well be.

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01.12.10 | 11:30

it's too bulky

01.12.10 | 17:31

it looks awesome from the front, but the back curve is shit

01.12.10 | 20:15

everything is shitty for it except s^3 OS. N8 has a lot better design

02.12.10 | 06:56

ofcourse however N8 speaker is not effective as the quad ones these has..anyways N8 is the nokias best yet

30.11.10 | 22:40

i dislike its design

28.11.10 | 06:42

looks damn cool man, except the back

27.11.10 | 13:34

it has symbian wow giggle

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