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    added by GhenMoKai on 06.09.10 @ 18:38

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Tapani Kaskinen is Nokia's Senior Comms Manager, so it's fitting that he'd be the first person from the company to communicate a solid release date for its long-awaited N8 handset. The gent in question told Finnish newspaper Kauppalehti that advance orders of the N8 will "begin shipping 30 September." Bear in mind we're chewing through a machine translation here, but that part's pretty unmistakable. It also meshes perfectly with earlier speculation surrounding Nokia purchasing Google AdWords -- that indicated a one-week exclusive starting on September 23rd for Nokia's UK online store, which, if you do the math, again points to a wide release at the end of the month. We asked Nokia about it ourselves and they're remaining mum on the matter, but chances are looking pretty good that October will start with the N8 finally in eager users' hands.


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07.09.10 | 15:07

i have it from now only....in my dreams :P

07.09.10 | 11:32

fuckin expensive....i cant aford it

07.09.10 | 08:30

I have to admit I will miss not being with Nokia for the launch of this phone...but it's not like I was gonna have it anytime soon. tongue

07.09.10 | 01:45

yeah but over here in scotland its not gettin released until october some time but hey i have it on pre-order and just waitin... cant wait till i have a Nokia back lol biggrin

07.09.10 | 08:12

u already pre orderd it ? how much it was ?

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