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    added by MobileWon on 21.11.09 @ 06:56

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Self-healing paint has been with us on automobiles since Nissan released its "Scratch Guard Coat” in 2005.
Scratch Guard is a highly elastic resin that self-heals fine scratches
and is capable of restoring the vehicle’s paint surfaces overnight or up to a week’s time in more severe cases.
Now Japan’s major Telco, NTT DoCoMo,
has announced it will license Scratch Shield for use on mobile phones as a value-add feature for Japanese customers.

The self-healing paint, currently applied to certain Nissan and Infiniti vehicles worldwide,
was developed in collaboration with University of Tokyo and Advanced Softmaterials Inc.

From Nissan licenses self-healing paint for mobile phones

Don't expect to see this substance on your own new phone anytime soon. It will take a while to reach these shores but,
we are sure, will eventually be integrated as a value added feature in the not too far distant future.

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30.11.09 | 15:32

I still like E72 smile
I think E72, can play PSX, etc. And an important is about battery.

30.11.09 | 14:54

lol this is good and bad 'cause if you have waranty and your phone is broken and you are going there and then your phone looks like its ok. xD biggrin biggrin

22.11.09 | 10:44

but it will be awesome, if this color will be used on mobile phones biggrin so my 6120c would be just like new biggrin

22.11.09 | 02:25

I agree, the effect will probably tend to wear off after awhile. biggrin

21.11.09 | 16:41

wow, great! biggrin but i dont think, that it will be able to repair itself forever... biggrin

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