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    added by GhenMoKai on 03.10.10 @ 11:05

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Here's a little something to make your weekend fly by -- Android Central scored a hands-on look at Verizon's dual-mode CDMA / GSM worldphone, the HTC Merge (or is that Lexikon?) and it's looking like one hell of a handset. Though the prototype's Android 2.2 build is saddled with HTC Sense and Bing for search, the hardware's reportedly superb, with a "clicky and responsive and very well spaced" slide-out QWERTY keyboard with no Desire Z hinge nonsense, and a weighty, solid feel. There's also a 5 megapixel shooter that does 720p video, a likely 2GB of on-board storage and 512MB of RAM, not to mention an 800MHz processor that'll surely help derail the megahertz myth with superb benchmark scores. See it pull a 1,500 in Quadrant after the break, and start dropping those nickels into your piggy bank.

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