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    added by GhenMoKai on 25.08.10 @ 15:37

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It’s been a while since we last heard something on Symbian^4. While ^3 is yet to roll out, its successor already showed its face. The shots are taken from an emulator of the OS, but there's no wow factor yet.

The shots below clearly demonstrate the new homescreen, pop-up menus, widgets, dial pad, etc.


The things we still miss here are some 3D effects or transparency. At this stage we can’t simply put Symbian^4 to its current rivals. Still let’s don’t forget Symbian^4 aims Nokia’s mid-range devices, while MeeGo is intended for the high-end class.


Symbian^4’s development phase is still in the beginning and there is a lot of time until its launch in 2011. We believe Nokia is on the right track here and has all the chances to surprise us in the end.

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26.08.10 | 23:51

Nokia still trying to catch up. Now they add big analog and digital clocks. wacko Nokia should add the animated wallpaper to their new phones. They only use it in their S40 series. Many love the Android live wallpaper.

26.08.10 | 18:54

they still have symbian 3 to try and work on the design

26.08.10 | 16:38

Well, yeah, doesnt looks so good... Hope they will improve its design before launching Symbian4 biggrin

26.08.10 | 03:28

if that is a copy of android then its a very shit lookin copy lol

25.08.10 | 18:44

it looks like a copy of android

25.08.10 | 19:30

..let's hope it won't be a copy biggrin

26.08.10 | 23:47

Exactly what I was thinging. smile

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