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    added by GhenMoKai on 10.12.10 @ 18:33

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We can't get enough of Sony Ericsson's PlayStation Phone (also known as Zeus Z1), and we're guessing neither can you. We were just sent a new video of the device in action, only now it's running Qualcomm's Neocore benchmark app. As you can see, the device managed 24.4 frames per second on average. That doesn't seem like much -- our Nexus S, for example, just pulled off 55.6fps -- but bear in mind, this isn't the final software (or hardware probably), so there's no conclusions at all to draw from this benchmark right now. Just think of it as another nice view of the phone as we inch closer to a finish line we still can't make out over the horizon. Sorry, no slide-out gamepad, but you saw that last week -- don't be greedy. Video after the break.

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06.01.11 | 04:52

The Desire HD is underclocked to 1GHZ because of battery, normally the DHD is stock at 1.2GHZ and the DZ was overclocked to 1.9GHZ. I don't want to imagine what comes out if we overclock the DHD to 2GHZ. :D :D :D

12.12.10 | 02:23

Lol if it only has 25 FPS it is totally unnecessary because the hTC Desire Z with overclock has 80+ FPS :D Btw. I hate Sony/Apple :D

26.12.10 | 04:20

if that's what the Desire Z gets then the Desire HD will sure kick its ass as for starters the HD has more CPU power and RAM than what the Z has :D

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