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    added by GhenMoKai on 24.09.10 @ 09:24

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RIM, come on, guys, you're killing us here! We don't know exactly what the story is yet, but there's a BlackBerry in the wild now with model number 9570 -- and it looks exactly like the existing Storm2, which lines up nicely with BGR's insistence earlier this week that the Storm3 is very much a warmed-over Storm2 with BlackBerry 6 and some minor spec bumps. In terms of strategy, we guess this would line up with the Bold 9780 we've been seeing around the block, which looks almost exactly like a Bold 9700 -- but in terms of customers understanding that this is a new product, it looks like a recipe for disaster. Of course, this might not be known as the Storm3 when (and if) it's released -- they might stick with the Storm2 or call it something like Storm2 Plus or Storm2.5 -- which might make more sense since we still don't know what that other spy shot of a completely different device is. Sure, we have no doubt that a few people would be interested in a refreshed Storm2, but would it be enough to justify the R&D and marketing costs?

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