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Audiowave media player is the ideal app for anyone who enjoys music, podcasts, or audio books.

Audiowaves best feature is its ability to skip to the next track by waving your hand over the phones Proximity sensor, even when the phone's locked, great for when you're driving and playing media via the phones FM transmitter! Plus it includes a handy sleep timer function, which many players omit.

Audiowave groups your media into separate tabs by Songs, Podcasts, or Audiobooks. Songs can be stored anywhere, Podcasts should be in a folder(s) on any drive containing 'Podcasts' eg (E/F):/Podcasts/ or (E/F):/Media/Podcasts/ etc, Audiobooks should be in the Audiobooks folder(s), eg (E/F):/Audiobooks/ or (E/F):/Media/Audiobooks/ etc. You can even have as many Podcast/Audiobook folders as you like, on the mass memory and the memory card, as long as the path contains 'Podcast' or 'Audiobooks' it doesn't matter.

I chose not to go down the metadata ID3 tag root as a lot of older songs don't seem to have them, instead I chose to list them via the folder / song method. This seems to work well as you can easily find what you're looking for, instead of having to hunt around because the tags are incorrect. Saying that, the ID3 tags are available if you scroll to the right of the current tabs table.

Nice features you'll probably never realise Audiowave contains are it will NEVER repeat the same song/podcast/audiobook until ALL media of the current playing type has been played. Plus the sleep function fades out in the last 30 seconds, so you won't get jolted awake by the music just cutting off!! If you receive a text or email etc, the volume drops whilst you get the audible notification, then the player resumes playback. If you answer or make a call, the playback will automatically stop, it will not restart until you press play. If you don't answer the call however, playback automatically resumes. These are all design features that make Audiowave a great mp3 player.

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Rating: 5.0/6

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