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Modern cellphone for a long time have been not just a phone. Manufacturers one by one are trying to fill small case with more and more entertaining functions. Nowadays practically every person can say that he has complete entertainment media center. We can say with every reason that common music players are almost gone in history. True reason for this is fast development of the musical direction in the phones. Many companies today are offering their series of the music phones. They are equipped with large internal memory volume, the truly great sound, good earphones those come along with the phone. There are brand online stores that are specialized on music selling. Experiments are in full swing. But for some unknown reasons manufacturers very often forget so simple things as the usability and handiness. Any modern phone can be used as mp3 player. It can be used as player but is it handy? Very often we listen to music while we are travelling. Just for example, when you need to change a music track in the player, you must get your phone out of your pocket, unlock it, open the player application and perform the action that you need. Then you have to lock the phone and put it back. It takes very long time and it is truly awkward. With the MusicKey you can make it with single key press, it is not required even to take out your phone from your pocket. Just as you have a one of these common mp3-players. The MusicKey application is working ONLY when your phone is locked and it allows you to control your built-in music player. With the MusicKey application you needn’t unlock the phone to do it anymore. Everything that you have to do is just assign the most suitable key for one of the three available actions. These actions are: Play/pause Next track Previous track Besides just a simple music track switching, the MusicKey allows you to fast forward or rewind the current track just holding assigned keys. If the music player is not running, press and hold the Play/Pause key and it will be started automatically! It is not a secret that the modern touch-phones have not so many hardware keys. In addition, developers often make some keys unavailable to be processed by third- party applications. After selection of the desired action, the dialogue window appears that asks you to assign the key for this action. You should press the desired button. If application will recognize the pressed button, the dialogue window will be closed. In other case, unfortunately you can’t use this button in the MusicKey application. At the moment developer knows about following limitations: The volume buttons are not supported. On some models such as C6, N97, 5530 green and red buttons are not working.

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