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Galaxy On Fire™ 2 – the ultimate sci-fi adventure with spectacular action, compelling story and a free gameplay unparalled in depth and complexity!

  • Huge galaxy with dozends of solar systems with unique planets and space stations in 3D
  • Action-packed battles featuring various primary and secondary weapons and stunning explosions
  • Ore mining in hazardous dynamic asteroid fields
  • 3D map to navigate through solar systems and jump gates to travel fast through the whole galaxy
  • Dozens of space ships with plenty of weapons and gadgets to upgrade as well as free trading and production of goods of any kind
  • Space lounges to meet streetwise business people, extraordinary aliens and shady clients with lucrative missions

Welcome to Galaxy on Fire™ 2, our hotly anticipated sequel of our multi award-winning and unique space action game for your mobile phone. Experience an even more fascinating universe with heavily improved 3D graphics and many new features.

Keith T. Maxwell, the hero of the first episode, travels through time and space after a hyperdrive malfunction of his spaceship. He wakes up 35 years later, and has to cope with an altered galaxy. A new threat to the balance of the galaxy arises: An unknown foe has entered the known space via wormhole technology and begins to raid the surrounding systems

It is on you to defeat the new enemy with the help of some good old friends from the past. Take control of a new generation of spaceships with even more weapons and other gadgets to equip with. Order your wingmen to support you in battle and put yourself in the hot seat of the turrets when the heat is really on...
SE 240x320 Beyond the kappa mission fully cracked:
4Shared: http://www.4shared.com/file/10333526..._2_v1_0_3.html

Megapload: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=4VYFBYAP

Filedropper: http://www.filedropper.com/enggalaxyonfire2v103

Rapidshare: http://rapidshare.com/files/22906647...1_0_3.jar.html

2Shared: http://www.2shared.com/file/5628519/..._2_v1_0_3.html

Nokia S60v3:

To play as fully cracked u gotta restart the game from the first level(for those who had previous versions)

This is the list of all gold medals' requirements:
Veteran - is given from the start.
Survivor - arrived with less than 5% of hull energy.
Geologist - mined every type of ore.
Adv. Geologist - mined every type of ore cores.
Killer - more than 250 kills.
Carrier - transported more than 200t on courier missions.
Miner - mined 1000t of ore.
Adv. Miner - mined 25t of cores.
Personal Need - bought 1000t of booze.
Barkeeper - bought every type of booze.
Garbage Man - destroyed more than 150t of space junk.
Space Tourist - visited each station.
Explorer - visited each system.
Handyman - bought every blueprints.
Engineer - finished every blueprint.
Addict - played more than 20 hours.
Workaholic - finished 50 missions.
Globethrotter - used jump gate 100 times.
Travel Business - carried 50 passengers.
Ninja - used a cloak for more than 5 minutes.
Nuklear Armament - detonated 50 bombs.
Alien Hunter - collected 25t of Void ships' remains.
Harum-Scarum - left a station without weapons or equipment.
Weapon Fanatic - mounted 4 primary weapons.
Looter - salvaged 500t of freight.
Moneybags - earned 1000000 credits.
Chatterbox - talked with 100 people.
Commander - commanded more than 20 wingmen.
Renegade - evoked hostility in one faction.
Stonecutter - destroyed 500 asteroids.
Void Terror - finished the story.
Space Saver -had 500t of free cargo space.
Naysayer - rejected 50 job offers.
Deaf Nut - let the client repeat the job offer 5 times.
Daredevil - accepted 10 missions without having asked about the difficulty.
Know the place! - accepted 12 missions without having asked about the location.
Nerd - collected all the other medals.

Rating: 5.0/1

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28.03.11 | 23:04

I have downloaded some cracked version of GoF2 but it was lagging. Is this also gonna to lag??? :)

30.01.10 | 13:59

here it is biggrin

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