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    uploaded by MGUploader on 01.03.10 @ 14:52

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Speed is a drug.
It is addictive, causes hand shiver and if
you really experienced it once you'll want to try again. To feel once
again how gas pedal is obeyingly pressed down to its limit, how drone
of the superpower engine grows to roaring, and the lights of other cars
dart past and leave far behind.

Speed is always not enough. No
matter how fast road signs pass by outside the window, how fast the
road flies they do it too slow, and you want to accelerate their motion
- down to the endurance limit of the metal, carbon and human

Speed is pleasure verging on self-destruction,
it is balancing on the narrow border between checked maneuver and
turning into vortex of splinters, between temporary victory and
absolute failure that is unbearable.
Speed is a drug.
And as any drug, too high dose of it can become fatal.
Full version
Developer: QPlaze
Screen size: 128x128, 128x160, 176x208, 176x220, 240x320, 320x240, 352x416
Language: Multi Language
Year: 2010

Uploaded by: MGUploader

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Rating: 3.6/19

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11.07.12 | 06:09

thanks but the file was removed from 4shared
could you please upload it again ? thanks so much

Mr. Lonely  
12.02.12 | 09:32

dude, just click the download now, where you can see ratings..... Just skip the ad, and download it from 4shared...

22.11.11 | 18:39

hey from where can y download it??

01.03.10 | 19:14

i hope it is full .. biggrin if not... it's nice to have it here :P

01.03.10 | 14:56

I did as someone asked, here is the first version (full version) of R.U.S.H hope you enjoy it. If you want more stuff from NOMOC, give me more reputation =DD

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