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    uploaded by on 04.03.10 @ 21:31

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Install the sis file you find in the C2Doom folder. Start the app. The first time it automaticlly searches for WAD files. It will find Doom 1 and Doom 2 WADs automaticlly, no matter where you put theme on your device. Just choose the Wad you want and then choose Single Player. I'm not sure if multiplayer will work. The game is the same as the PC version. If you want to mess with the controls, my advise is NOT to, because it's simplly REALLY hard. Just live with the allready set up controls. If you want to ignore this advise and mess with the keys, just go to the main menu and press left softkey (Menu) and choose "Keymapper". If you want to change the game (WAD) Go to main screen again and press Left softkey again. Select "Select Wad" and it will find the wads all by itself again, then just choose the WAD you want and play.
D-Pad - Move Forward, Backward, Look Left, Look Right
1 - Previous Weapon
2 - Next Weapon
3 - Brightness Controll
4 - Strafe Left
6 - Strafe Right
5 - Fire
7 - Use/Open
8 - Rotate Screen (sometime messes up controls, so restart if it messes up yours)
9 - Map
0 - Enter Cheat Code
Go to this Link For More WAD files (games): http://www.imserba.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-101234.html
Doom 1
Doom 2
And Here Is Doom 3! DREAM OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNN That it gets ported on to Symbian! LOL!
ENJOY! And ask me if you have problems!


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Rating: 4.8/12

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20.05.11 | 15:21

cannot download . . . Contact me at mexis.tk

26.10.10 | 09:29

Ok solved! Dont touch the mapper keyboard XD

17.10.10 | 07:13

Thanks man finally got Doom in my 6120c. One question, In the save game menu ENTER doesnt works so How to save the state?

28.08.10 | 23:35

u cant run in this emulator. whats the use! im using it on a 6600 and you cant get past level 2 cuz you have to run onto this platfrom to get to the red key...anyone here knows what im talking about?

01.04.10 | 04:05

Yes, at least I hope. I used HelloOX software and a tutorial from this great site. N-Gage 2.0 worked on it (only demos), but it still wants certificate in many cases. I'm really tired of installing hacking programs so hope I won't have to do it again. Maybe c2doom games aren't even worth it.

30.03.10 | 09:20

are u phone hack?

28.03.10 | 01:41

I've tried many C2Doom emulators on my N78, but with no effect sad Still writes things about compatibility or certificate. I've downloaded every version I found, but nothing worked. Could anybody advise? I've played Quake 2 on it already, but still wanna try Doom smile It's just legendary.

05.03.10 | 17:26

wow, doom3 working on my 6120c! omg biggrin reaches even 60fps! biggrin nice one, Raicho20 smile

05.03.10 | 22:44

Thanks LOL! biggrin

21.03.10 | 10:28

yeah me too.. biggrin hahahah

04.03.10 | 22:31

i can't get doom 3 to work ... whats the problem ( lol biggrin )

05.03.10 | 15:27

No Idea! Try Again in 10 years (lol) biggrin

06.03.10 | 22:15

Raicho20, you're an active user on my channel. I appreciate it! smile

08.03.10 | 21:10

No problem! biggrin There is a good reson to active on your channel! Btw do you have any symbian, not JAVA games for s60 v3? It would be great if you had some and uploaded them! smile

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