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2. Chapter, Car games

Be wanted. Play Need for Speed™ Most Wanted on your mobile phone! From the creators of the critically acclaimed Need for Speed™ Underground series, Need for Speed Most Wanted combines the thrill of street racing and tuner customization with the high-speed intensity of police pursuits. Become the most notorious street racer while driving the most sought-after cars, including exotics and other high-performance sports cars. Win races, evade cops, and build your reputation to become the most wanted.
Features may vary by handset

* 16 Playable cars
* 15 Blacklist members (bosses) to defeat
* 5 distinct districts covering 6 types of environments: Beachfront, Residential, Resort, Industrial, Inner City, Commercial
* 90 challenges (races)
* 2 race modes: Career and Quick Race
* 3 race types: Outrun, Speed Camera, and Boss Outrun
* Saved scores (Rap sheet)
* Weather effects
* True 3D and real physics
* 3 Camera views: in car (first person), near & far (3rd person)
* Rechargeable nitrous
* Dynamic cameras to capture cool events like hang time
* Performance and visual car customization
* EA Trax MP3 quality music (16 tracks)
* Customizable controls
* Full motion movies: storyline intro and Blacklist member intros
* Requires network connection

176x220: SE 240x320: N 240x320:

Gather your crew, blast down city streets and confront rival gangs in Need for Speed™ Carbon. Make a joke of your rival's lap times with a searing display of speed and drift. But watch your back as other gangs try to muscle in and crash your party. Then test your mettle as you take on-the-edge racing to the mountains in a high-octane duel with the rival boss to own the city and win sweet new rides. It all ends, one way or another, on the twisted and unforgiving hairpins of the Canyon.
Features may vary by handset.

* Survive the Canyon-Raise the stakes in the ultimate test of skill and nerve, where one wrong turn could cost you more than the race.
* Dominate the City-Race for control of the city by defeating rival crews on their own turf, then take on their bosses in life-or-death duels in the Canyon.
* Build Your Crew-Gain new members by proving your racing prowess and then use their skills in the garage and on the road to help you fine-tune your cars and keep you out in front.
* Expand Your Fleet-Claim bragging rights and unlock sweet new rides when you outclass other city crews.

128x160: SE 176x220: SE 240x320: s60v3 240x320: s40v3 240x320:

Thrilling, high-RPM racing! The groundbreaking franchise explodes out of the underground and goes legit. Hit the track at sanctioned events, strap yourself into 16 licensed cars for edge-of-your-seat action. Race 12 courses, burn rubber with nitrous boost while drifting around tricked-out cars. Smoke the competition as you go full throttle against 9 other racers on intense road courses. Earn cash for style and wins, then visit the Tuner Shop to buy tires, upgrade suspension - or get a new ride!
Features may vary by handset

* Designed for Your Phone: Dedicated mobile design delivers an authentic Need for Speed experience while an innovative control system puts you firmly in the driver's seat.

* Race and Fine Tune the Ultimate Car: Earn and apply multiple upgrades with unique benefits to tune your car for each race, as you progress unlock up to 16 of the worlds fastest, desirable cars.

* Adrenaline-Fuelled Racing: Feel the tension and experience powerful collisions as you fight for the lead.

* Drift Mode: Rather than choose the racing line all the time, drift round corners to build boost and cash. Boost will help when the pressures on to cross the line first and the cash helps earn you upgrades for your car.

* Dominate on a Variety of Courses: Outrace the competition whatever the distance, conditions or environment, experience the adrenaline of racing at numerous tracks and multiple environments.

* Console Cross Over: Play the mobile game and keep an eye open for some unique rewards that can help you progress through the console version of Need For Speed ProStreet

* Need for Speed Anytime, Anywhere: From the engine roar and tire squeal to the cheering crowds and explosive crashes, an authentic street racing experience for your mobile.

Need For Speed ProStreet 2D (Multiscreen)(176x208): Need For Speed ProStreet 2D (Multiscreen)(176x220): Need For Speed ProStreet 2D (Multiscreen)(240x320): Need For Speed ProStreet 3D Multiscreen Nokia: Need For Speed ProStreet 3D SE Multiscreen:

Chase or Be Chased in Need for Speed Undercover. The cops are back like never before in this action-packed game of pursuit and betrayal. Go up against ruthless street racers out to win at any cost. Earn respect and fill your garage with the world's fastest cars. Reach the finish line first in circuit races. Bust up the city in bounty challenges. Show your skills for a shot at top drivers. Choose between Career or Quick Race mode. You're the hunter and the hunted in Need for Speed Undercover.
Features may vary by handset

* Dare to enter the world of street racing.
* Win races to fill your garage with tunable cars.
* Challenge your driving abilities in 2 thrilling modes: Career and Quick Race.
* Test your racing skills in 5 exciting race types: Circuit, Sprint, Lap Knockout, Speed Camera and Bounty.
* Race your way through 4 unique areas: Downtown, Industrial District, The Suburbs and The Outskirts.
* Gain hard-earned respect to battle 4 top drivers.

Need For Speed Undercover 2D (Multiscreen) 176x220: Need For Speed Undercover 2D (Multiscreen) 176x208: Need For Speed Undercover 2D (Multiscreen) 240x320: Need For Speed Undercover 3D (Multiscreen) Nokia 176x208: Need For Speed Undercover 3D (Multiscreen) Nokia 240x320: Need For Speed Undercover 3D (Multiscreen) SE 176x220: Need For Speed Undercover 3D (Multiscreen) SE 240x320:

More wrecks. More carnage. More mobile mayhem. Grab the wheel and take down your rivals while racing at adrenaline-fueled, retina-searing speeds. Burnout re-writes the rules of the road - use your car as a deadly weapon to crush the competition. Cause spectacular crashes, force cars over jump ramps and into chasms, speed towards the finish line while making sure the other drivers never get there. Create chaos with three twisted play modes and unlockable tracks in forest, beach and downtown locales.
Features may vary by handset.

* Five Game Modes: Featuring classic and new mode for the Burnout series: King of the Hill, Road Rage, Survivor, Traffic Attack and Sumo.
* Road Test Three Regions: Speed through a tree-lined track in Angel Valley, make your opponents eat sand in Silver Lake or tear up the downtown streets of Eternal City.
* Crash Your Way to the Top: Channel your aggression to progress from harmless driver through ten additional rankings to Elite.
* Punish the Competition: Pummel the opposition with your brutal driving and create destruction and chaos as you seek to dominate the road.
* Rule More Road: Smash your way to success and smoke the competition to unlock new cars and challenges.

Burnout 2D 128x128: Burnout 2D 128x160: Burnout 2D 176x220(Motorola): Burnout 2D 176x220: Burnout 2D 240x320: Burnout 3D 128x160: Burnout 3D 176x208: Burnout 3D 176x220: Burnout 3D 240x320:

3. Chapter, All about Tetris

Tetris®. Captivating, fun, addicting. See why more than 60 million players worldwide have made Tetris® one of the most popular games ever! The latest mobile Tetris® adds multiplayer to the fun. Play against a friend over a wireless network, or battle the computer in your phone. Block your opponent's efforts to clear lines. Race a two-minute clock in Ultra and try Forty Line, clearing 40 lines as fast as you can. Plus, enjoy the famous single-player Marathon mode that made Tetris® a phenomenon.
Features may vary by handset.

* State-of-the-art dynamic animations, sound effects and music enhance the Tetris experience.
* Enjoy great single-player modes: famous Marathon mode, Ultra, and Forty Line.
* Innovative online Multiplayer with several modes including Versus, Clash, Challenge and Pass 'n Play.
* Automatch with available opponents, challenge other players by name and rank.
* Experience the fun of real-time, one-on-one competitive play; watch your opponent's grid live.
* Temporarily disable your opponent when you clear two lines.
* Adjustable difficulty make Tetris fun for players of all skill levels.
* Feel the game move, shake and explode during the action.
* Expanded statistics make it easy to track your performance, and keep an eye on the competition.

128x160: 176x220: 240x320:

POWER Up with Tetris® POP. Push your skills to the limit in frantic timed challenges. Can you beat the clock in three high-energy modes and several action-packed Tetris mini-variations? Survive wave after wave of Tetriminos in Flood or drown in the Matrix. Trigger bombs in Detonator to go KABOOM. Hang on tight in Ledge or plummet into a bottomless pit. Dazzle your eyes and ears with brilliant colors, animated backgrounds and pulse-pounding beats. Tetris POP is packed with surprises and secrets.
Features may vary by handset

* Enjoy an incredible range of game play with 17 different mini-variations.
* Experience three new play modes: POP, POP Chrono and POP Mix.
o POP:
+ Encounter 22 levels, each containing three mini-variations.
+ Explore eight unique "worlds," each with their own animated backgrounds and energetic music.
+ Complete levels to unlock new mini-variations.
o POP Chrono: Set your desired play time and let the game tailor a play session to fit your schedule.
o POP Mix: Customize your game play by selecting your favorite mini-variations from the play list.
* Complete levels and achieve goals to progress through the game and unlock a secret surprise.
* Dazzle your eyes with stunning animated backgrounds
* Groove along to eight, high-energy music tracks.
* Track your performance and achievements with Statistics and Feats.
* Each unique mini-variation poses its own intriguing and exciting challenge:
o Trigger bombs in Detonator.
o Create an electrical connection in Circuit.
o Build your own floor in Ledges.
o Think vertically in Stacker.
o Turn up the heat in Furnace.
o Conquer 17 more challenging modes.
* Select the Vanilla mini-variation to get reacquainted with the fundamentals of Tetris®.

128x160: 176x208: SE 176x220: 240x320:

Indulge your puzzle-solving passion! With three new game modes, Tetris® Mania puts a new spin on the compelling original you know and love, making it the must-have mobile game. Use gravity in Cascade mode to gain an avalanche of points, join atomic blocks in Fusion mode to blast to the next level, and dig through increasingly high stacks of blocks in Sticky mode in order to clear the bottom line. Engage in block-blasting fun wherever you are with new Tetris® Mania for your mobile.
Features may vary by handset.

* All-new and challenging gameplay for Tetris® lovers!
* Refreshingly fun graphics, engaging animation and thrilling sound effects
Three new gameplay modes:
o Cascade Mode - Score piles of points as gravity is activated and unsupported blocks topple down
o Sticky Mode - Blocks of the same color stick together! Create new shapes to smash down to the bottom row of blocks even faster!
o Fusion Mode - One infectious little block will activate all blocks that come in contact with it. Activate enough blocks and you level up!

128x160: 176x208: 176x220: 240x320:

All the thrills of Tetris® - one of the most popular games ever - with a new, challenging twist! Rotate and place falling blocks into a three-dimensional playing field, clearing planes as fast as you can. Challenge your strategic skills as you work the dynamic Tetris® BLOCKOUT grid, score big points for clearing multiple planes at once. Enjoy Marathon, 20 Planes, and Ultra play modes in this simple, yet addictive game that will entertain you for hours. Great fun for all!
Features may vary by handset

* All the fun of Tetris® - with a new 3-D twist!
* Rotate and place falling blocks in a 3-dimensional grid
* Three game modes - Ultra, Marathon, and 20 Planes
* Suitable for all - from Tetris mavens to newcomers
* Dynamic 3-D grid to challenges strategic skills
* Earn bonus points for clearing multiple planes

176x220: 240x320:

Visit Springfield for an amazing
adventure with the Simpsons. Guide Homer in a race against time as he
tries to prevent a meltdown at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.
Along the way, interact with Bart, Mr. Burns, Apu and more of your
favorite Springfieldians. Avoid hazards like burning tires and giant
sinkholes while you navigate Homer through his fast-paced, perilous
mission. Watch out for Krusty the Clown, Officer Lou and others who try
to stop Homer from saving the day.

Features may vary by handset.

* Play as Homer Simpson. Race against time to save Springfield from
impending doom.

* Meet your favorite Springfieldians. Cross paths with some of
Springfield's favorite residents, including Marge, Lisa, Bart, Maggie,
Mr. Burns, Barney, Moe, Apu, Krusty the Clown and many more.

* Fun mission-based gameplay. Explore the Simpsons' home as you search
for Homer's car keys. Rush through Downtown Springfield as you avoid
attacks from townspeople and potential disasters. Race against the clock
in order to get to the Springfield Power Plant in time to stop a

* Vibrant graphics, dynamic animations and amusing sound effects.
Experience and enjoy the ingenious world of "The Simpsons" on your
mobile phone.


S40 128x160:
SE 128x160: Nokia 176x208: SE 176x220: Nokia 240x320: SE 240x320:

Run For Your Lives! It's The Simpsons Itchy & Scratchy Land! Just like in the classic Simpsons episode, Our Favorite Family's theme park outing is ruined by Itchy & Scratchy 'bots. Play as Homer, Bart, Lisa and Marge as they survive Explosion Land, Unnecessary Surgery Land, Torture Land and Searing Gas Pain Land. Kill the Kill 'bots with Bart's stink bomb slingshot. Build Bomb 'bots with Lisa's Robo-Generator. Blow 'bots to bits with Marge's vacuum gun. Life is a thrill ride with The Simpsons.
Features may vary by handset

* Play as Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa to escape Itchy and Scratchy Land
* True to the show's original "Itchy and Scratchy Land" episode, navigate your way through the dangerous theme park's 4 insane lands: Explosion Land, Unnecessary Surgery Land, Torture Land and Searing Gas Pain Land.
* Battle wave after wave of rampaging Itchy and Scratchy 'bots, blood thirsty Axe 'bots and devastating Bomb 'bots.
* Flee the Itchy & Scratchy crazed robots by navigating mine fields, dodging saws and avoiding traps.
* Help Homer use the theme park's busted bowling ball game to bash rampaging 'bots into bits.
* Arm yourself with Bart's slingshot, Marge's vacuum gun, and Lisa's Robo-Generator.
* Rescue your favorite Springfield citizens stranded throughout the lands.
* Venture back inside each deadly land to improve upon your best score.

SE 240x320: Nokia 240x320: S40 128x160: 128x128:
128x160: 176x220: S40 240x320:

6. Chapter, All about the role play games..

Doom RPG is a first-person turn-based role playing game set in the Doom universe. Developed specifically for your mobile device, you reprise the role of the Doom Marine made famous in the groundbreaking id Software titles Doom, Doom II, and Doom 3. Say goodbye to humdrum mobile gaming and prepare yourself for the return to Mars in a showdown with the legions of Hell!
Features may vary by handset

* Smooth-scrolling 3D gameplay from a first person perspective
* A brutal aresenal of 9 weapons including old favorites like the Super Shotgun and BFG, and some cool weapons new to the Doom universe
* 10 action packed levels filled with dangerous monsters, incredible power-ups, and secret areas to explore
* Over 8 hours of engaging RPG gameplay
* A compelling story, scripted sequences, tons of characters, and interactive environments
* Sound effects and classic Doom music
* Save game feature allows you to quit at anytime and pick up later where you left off
* Collect UAC credits and use them to purchase items and ammunition
* Earn experience and gain levels to become stronger
* Purchase stat boosters such as strength and accuracy to customize your character
* Replay game levels as many times as you would like to build up your character's abilities
* Full-screen rendering that matches the maximum resolution of your mobile device
* Supports a wide variety of carriers and cellphone devices

128x160: 176x220: 240x320:

Explore an ancient Dwarven citadel riddled with legendary beasts and untold treasures. Wield flaming swords, deadly crossbows and other mystical weapons. Use your wits to solve devious puzzles and overcome deadly traps. Equip yourself with arcane gear like magic potions, enchanted rings, dragon scale armor and a magical, talking wand. Escape to a place of adventure, mystery and sorcery with Orcs & Elves, the new first-person adventure from id Software and Fountainhead Entertainment, the creators of DOOM RPG!
Features may vary by handset:

* Original Story: Explore a massive Dwarven citadel with the help of your talking wand to take on an evil witch and her army of dark minions.
* Hybrid Game-play: First-person action meets tactical RPG.
* Epic Odyssey: Explore huge locations like a dragon?s lair and mysterious catacombs.
* Bag of Tricks: Wield 11 mystical weapons including swords, crossbows and magical artifacts.
* Legendary Beasts: Take on over 35 vicious enemies with unique A.I. including trolls, dark elves and the undead.
* Persistent World: Save anywhere feature allows you to resume the action from where you left off in a world that remembers your actions.
* The next generation DOOM RPG engine featuring higher graphic fidelity and an original audio score.
* Over 5 Hours of feature rich game-play.
* Replayability with tons of secrets and an end-game ranking based on your performance.

128x160: 176x208: SE 176x220: Nokia 240x320: SE 240x320:

From the creators of DOOM RPG! Journey to a place filled with adventure, where heroes are born and legends are made. Play Orcs & Elves II, the sequel to the award-winning Orcs & Elves! Explore foreign towns, mysterious caverns & haunted forests. Battle strange & mythical beasts with an arsenal of powerful enchanted weapons. Play as Valin, a thief who steals a sentient wand in order to save his imperiled town; and challenge evil as you face your Quest with unlikely allies such as a controllable mouse.
Features may vary by handset

* Journey through 7 immense, interactive levels
* Choose from multiple weapons and battle a host of monsters
* Arm yourself with a dagger, firebow, magical orbs and other dynamic weapons
* Fight against Orcs, Wraiths, Wererats, Trolls, Skeletons and other sprite monsters
* Use potions to restore health, and armor kits to repair armor
* Enlist the help of allies, like a controllable pet mouse
* Loads of secrets keep the game surprising and engaging every time you play
* Immerse yourself in an Elven land with stunning graphics and high-fidelity audio
* Customize difficulty levels to suit your style of play


Save the world in Wolfenstein RPG! Walk in the combat boots of Sergeant B.J. Blazkowicz, prisoner of the ruthless Axis Army. Battle through 9 challenging levels to complete your mission and take down the Axis' diabolical Paranormal Division. Use strategy and a wide array of conventional and mysterious weapons to defeat super soldiers, zombies and the shadowy Harbinger. Discover books and syringes full of special powers. Enter the mysterious 3D world of Wolfenstein RPG... if you dare.
Features may vary by handset

* Enter the dynamic and diabolical 3D world of Wolfenstein RPG.
* Use your wits to survive nine challenging levels.
* Battle 28 fierce enemies - including super soldiers, zombies, tormentors, and the mysterious Harbinger of Doom.
* Defeat your foes with an array of 17 conventional and unconventional paranormal weapons.
* Test your skill with two mini-games: War card game and Kick the Chicken.
* Find syringes and mix your own concoctions to acquire special powers.
* Unearth powerful books to boost your capabilities.
* Uncover secrets by exploring your world and using your weapons.
* Blast your way to freedom with bundles of dynamite.
* If all else fails, smash an enemy soldier with a toilet.

SE 240x320: S60v2 176x208: SE Multiscreen: 240x320 S60V3: Nokia and SE Multiscreen version:

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