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    uploaded by on 18.05.10 @ 07:23

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Here it is. Tomorrow new game will be uploaded, so don't forget to check it out!

Gun & Fun v1.0
iPhone iPad and iPod touch

Gun & Fun gives you more than 45 sounds from Guns: like 38", 44", Glock 9mm, Smith & Wesson 45"; Machine Guns like: M16, .40 and M3 and so many others.
You also get sounds like Sword Hit, Decapitation by Sword, Missiles, Explosions, Axe, Guillotine, 911, "Finish Him", "Fatality", Evil Laugh, Crying Bastard, Freeze Punk, "Officer Down", Fire Alarm, Police Siren and Drum Roll.

All sounds were carefully studio recorded in order to provide you the best High-Fidelity experience and they will all sound amazing both on the internal speakers or when connected on a hi-fi stereo.

Sounds are also packed on a professional sleek interface, featuring:

- Two different texture background sets
- Two different Screen Scroll animations
- Two different sound playing animations
- Unique SLIDING PITCH control, that's capable of turning all sounds reaaaaaaalllllyyyyyy slow or really fast!

If you're still in doubt, we want to let you know that: If you buy Gun&Fun, and you're not happy with the sound selection, just write to us, through a review here, asking for the new sounds and we'll include those on the next release.


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