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SmoothAlarm PRO 4.0.4

★ SmoothAlarm 4.0 - a major update for iOS4!

❶ Sleep cycle alarm clock
SmoothAlarm is a full configurable sleep cycle Alarm clock, that wakes you up in a pre-defined time interval between 0 and 60 minutes before your set alarm time - when you are in one of the more active sleep phases. Waking up will feel much better compared to an usual alarm clock.
Your sleep characteristics will be measured and can be saved as a freely configurable sleep curve along with other statistical data.
In contrast to other sleep cycle alarm clocks you can close the app anytime. After a restart of the app the measuring can be continued! Even if you don't restart the app: a push notification with a repeating melody will wake you up.
New in version 4: a table with all measures and the possibility to delete single measures.

❷ Sleep diary
You can even save more data:
- notes, for example to keep dreams or ideas of the night
- a smiley, that symbolizes your mood in the morning
- where did you spent the night? This will be shown on a map - especially interesting for frequent travelers, who now can track where they slept and how. Version 4 now allows manual adjusting of the sleeping place.

❸ Free music choice
You can select among built-in melodies, or you choose an audio file from your iPod!

❹ SleepTimer
You like to listen to music when going to bed? SmoothAlarm supports that!
The SleepTimer plays any audio from your iPod within a freely selectable time interval. Four minutes before the timer stops, your music will be fade out smoothly. In version 4 the volume of the SleepTimer can be set independently from the alarming volume.

❺ Facebook integration
Your sleep curve or the map can be published on facebook.

❻ Snooze
SmoothAlarm has a configurable snooze feature. You can select a snooze time between 1 and 10 minutes. And you can choose if the snooze function is available only once or unlimited times per alarm.

❼ VoiceControl
Along with the built-in alarm melodies you can activate the snooze function with your voice. Simply say "stop" or whatever you like to mute the alarm for 1 to 10 minutes.

❽ Moon phases
The activated alarm always will show you the current moon phase. Now you can check if you are moon sensitive and if you maybe sleep worse during full moon. The moon phase will be saved together with the other sleep data.

❾ Weather
When the alarm plays, there will be shown a symbol for the current weather along with the temperature. The weather symbol will be saved and can later be viewed on the map.

☀ WeatherAlarm (via In-App Purchase)
You can buy the WeatherAlarm feature right from the app. WeatherAlarm can wake you up 30 to 90 minutes before the set alarm time according to the selected weather conditions ("sunshine" or "snow, ice & storm").
You want to go out for running before work when the sun shines? You want to give yourself more time for going to work when the weather is really bad? In this case, WeatherAlarm is the perfect feature for you!
What's new in Version 4.0.4
fixed facebook crash


Rating: 5.0/6

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