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    uploaded by on 21.12.09 @ 16:04

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windows 7

Such as the MyPhone application this works as a tool that makes the screen of your Nokia 5800 look like a microsoft environment running on Nokia 5800, you can add a desktop wallpaper, make calls, send text sms, use the camera, radio, etc. running with a Windows 7 platform

if you want it full
-open x-plore
-run it and select trial then exit
-go to C: Private/AF109171/EB62125B59B4D4502A
-file 4CD11BFC07C2B3FDA63D7~24undefined26~2AE15 set as "read only''\

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Rating: 4.8/17

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28.12.09 | 23:05

Redpepper, do you have any working method for hacking Nokia N97 mini?

27.12.09 | 23:17

Oh, didn't read the description!

27.12.09 | 23:16

This thing is a trail? How to get a cracked version or registration code?

24.12.09 | 23:24

why cant they make this thing to s60 v3 biggrin

23.12.09 | 11:24

ohhhhhh the screenshotz lookz superb surprised

23.12.09 | 09:07

How do I access C: Private/AF109171/EB62125B59B4D4502A ? I have x-plore an FExplorer pro but i can't access it.. in FExplorer I can see the folder but when I try to open it, it says "Can't access it for security reasons". While in x-plore there is no folder at all. What should I do? thx

23.12.09 | 12:11

use caps on/caps off or do this:

install hello carbide, now open your file explorer and enable "show hidden files and folders" in menu
g) DO NOT EXIT but switch (press and hold the menu button) to your standby mode then open HelloCarbide. Press Options -> Menu1 -> Yes. If done correctly it will close itself. Now switch back to your file explorer. (You must not open any other application than your file explorer). Now you have access to that folder! When done, restart your phone. <<

23.12.09 | 06:02

This works on S60 5th 5800? Please indicate if it can work on 5th ed.. i'm confused tongue

23.12.09 | 12:08

yes, it works!

22.12.09 | 22:46

great! biggrin

22.12.09 | 20:25

no biggrin

22.12.09 | 20:19

'for 5800/N97/5530/Omnia i8910HD '' biggrin any other questions? tongue

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