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    uploaded by Anon on 28.12.09 @ 19:11

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Text from the developers site:

MyPhone V2.40 - Best S60 Launcher
MyPhone powered by S60 os, it turns S60 os phone into MyPhone UI. You can have a smart phone enhanced with TWO user interfaces. The best launcher ever!

MyPhone V2.40 enhances your phone as a flexible & strong platform to play game and access internet, also added the Speed Dial function according to many users' feedback.

Change log in V2.40:

1. Memo Deduction embedded.
2. Memo Mosaic embedded.
3. Speed Dial.


1. Fully emulate MyPhone UI in outlook, move icons, changes icons
2. SMS and Call notifier
3. Memo Deduction embedded.New!
4. Memo Mosaic embedded.New!
5. Speed Dial. New!
6. Sketchpad (only for S60 5th os)
7. Alternative List Mode (only for S60 5th os)
8. Auto-lock (only for S60 5th os)
9. Set lock screen on/off by yourself.
10. Support Landscape mode for iStyle SMS. (N97 & N97 mini only)
11. iStyle SMS conversation, you can schedule the SMS with senders list, easily to read or delete SMS. (only for S60 5th os)
12. Set MyPhone start automatically when power on.*
13. Add 3rd part icon by pick through list, no needing self input anymore. (only for S60 5th os) (Java application cannot launched)
14. Worldwide Weather
15. RSS Reader, with seamlessly reading data method
16. Customized wallpapers
17. MMMOOO Premium Service
18. Fully functional, all operations can be done via MyPhone
19. You can switch MyPhone UI into S60 UI and the other way round seamlessly


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Rating: 5.0/1

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30.12.09 | 18:12

It's supposed to work on that phone:

- Put the "sisx" file on your desktop
- Connect your phone to your computer with a USB-cabel using "mass-storage" mode
- Put the file "sisx" in a memory card or massmemmory
- Disconnect your phone from your computer
- Go to file mananger and install the "sisx" file [In Your Phone]
- Go to Applications [In Your Phone]
- Find "MyPhone" (the name of the application)
- Open it by touching the icon
- Wait until flash lite starts to buffer (Don't press anything)
- When flash lite has buffered the application has started

* The application worked... *

- If the start page is "Slide To Unlock" like in the real iPhone
- If no text coming up about activating or trail
- If a black screen with text DIDN'T appear

* The application didn't work*

Because you have to update your firmware and/or your software

[ Nokia N97 (and maybe more) Info Below ]
** Note: If you update your firmware to the latest, your phone will be unhackable **

--- Yes, I took my time writing all this for people who need help ---

30.12.09 | 15:30

Using The Nokia 5800 with S60v5 Symbian OS

30.12.09 | 14:49

What phone do you use? For me it worked fine no trail nothing, it just started. Just tell me what brand and model and which symbian and I will maybe fix it. (if it's possible)

30.12.09 | 09:49

I installed it..when i start it, it says activate or trial...its not the full one...cant activate and trail has limits

30.12.09 | 01:52

Whoever puts this on phone is a traitor. Go buy iphone. biggrin Lol. Just joking. biggrin

28.12.09 | 19:59

Download this, it's great free, no signing, no hacking it's full! Cool effects I almost believe I have a iPhone!

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