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SBSH FExplorer Pro v2.01 S60v3 S60v5 SymbianOS9.x Cracked-Symbian

What is FExplorer Pro

FExplorer Pro (FEP) is a utility suite for S60 phones and supports 3rd and 5th edition phones. The main feature is of course the astonishing file browser alongside various tools and options that you can use to better manage your phone in general.

File Browser

The file browser is very very extensive to give you complete control over your phone's file system.
It includes everything you will ever need from a file browser similar to Windows File Explorer or Total Commander (for Desktop).

Features include (but are not limited to):
* Searching for files on your phone.
* Creation/Renaming/Deletion of files and folders.
* Enter folders that can't be seen on the Nokia phone browser.
* Three types of file editors (Hex, Binary and Text)
* Attributes changes on files.
* Zip(!)
* Image viewer

And much, much more!

You will only grasp the myriad of options and features in this quaint application once you really start using it on a regular basis.

In addition to the file browser, there are two additional tabs in FExplorer Pro (which can be toggled on/off using the "5" key):


With these tools, you can have a lot of your favorite tools all in one place, and it replaces the need to use other 3rd party applications for each of the functions (for instance Screenshot)

I will give a short overview of what each of these tools does:

Screenshot- Similar to the Antony Pranata's Screenshot for S60, this tool allows you to create screenshots of your phone from anywhere on the phone with various options to handle file saving etc...
Backlight - This will turn your e-mail notification light on/off similar to Best Torch for S60. Very handy as it can turn your phone into a flashlight whenyou most need it Posted Image
Bluetooth manager - This is VERY handy also. It will turn your Bluetooth on/off with a click of a button.
Compress memory - de-fragments memory. You receive the memory available before and after the call to the function too.
Installed applications- more for developers - it generates a file (C:\INSTAPP.TXT) which contains all of the installed applications (by the application manager), their UID and their path.
Dump file list -generates a file (C:\FILESLST.TXT) containing the list of the files and the directory starting at the current position (current directory)

As I mentioned above, now that FExplorer Pro is modulated in this fashion,we will be adding more tools to this list as time passes, which will continuously enhance your FExplorer Pro Posted Image


More options that you have for your phone in FExplorer Pro are shown above.
Here is a short overview of what each function does:

Phone info - this will give you all of the details that can be obtained about your phone like firmware version, IMEI etc...
Restart - restarts the phone.
Network info - gives you all available information that can be obtained about your network like area id, cell id, network name etc...
Media info - gives you full stats on the installed memory card

Change log :

New: added the 'white' color in the settings for the lists.
New: In the settings, the softkeys have now the following values :
Right key : save : goes to the main list and SAVE the modifications.
Left key : cancel : goes to the main list and DISCARD the modifications.
New:in the (old) 'Phone tab', under 'phone info', added the version number& date of the firmware (ex: V 12.0.026 / 31-08-2009).
New:in the (old) 'Phone tab', added a new entry 'System info' which gives details about the platform & hardware : os version, os edition,device name & uid, family, cpu type & speed, MAC address, total& free ram, total rom., screen resolution, number of colors,elapsed time since last power on (days/hours/minutes/seconds).
New: in the (old)'Phone tab', added a new entry 'Fonts info' which gives the list of all installed fonts.

Update: There start function has been moved from the (old)'Phone tab' to the 'tools tab'; the 'phone tab' contains mainly (and only) different information.
Update:In the tools menu, the bluetooth manager calls now the build-in BT settings, this is the quickest way to use the bt function directly from FEP.
Update: The 'Phone tab' has been changed into 'Info tab'
Update: In the tools tab, for the files dump & installed applications, it'snow possible to define the drive where the files ( FILESLST.TXT,INSTAPP.TXT )will be genrated in the root (in the previous vrs, the files were generated on the C: drive).
Update: If the memory compression is un-necessary, a message is displayed instead of the same number before and after.

Bug Fix: the screenshot works now on the 5th edition : key used : 'c' (backspace) in 3rd edition and camera key in the 5th edition.
Bug Fix: when the screenshot is active, the return to the tools tab, switches the screenshot off, the 'off' is correctly displayed in the listbox –previously, it stays on.
Bug Fix: in the settings, the target of the screenshots can now be correctly defined (internal memory or memory card).
Bug Fix: the screenshots are saved either in 'c:\images\fe_scr' (internal memory) or'e:\images\fe_scr' (memory card), no more fe_img directory is created.
Bug Fix:the password works now, if a password is set in the settings, it's requested when FE starts, to reset the password, simply leave the field blank.
Bug Fix: the restart/reboot works on the 5th ed (N97), restart has done at your own risks, all applications must be closed by the user to avoid lost of data.
Bug Fix: cosmetic : the tabs in the status pane are now correctly displayed with their background in the 3rd ed (2, activated with '5') and 4 tabs in the 5th edition (always available).
Bug Fix: deleting the last file in a folder crashed FEP.
Bug Fix: deleting an empty directory crashed FEP.
Bug Fix: at the root level, the 'edit' function in the menu is suppressed (this function had no sense at this level).


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Rating: 5.0/10

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