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Rseven v1.13 S60v3/v5 SymbianOS9.x Signed

Rseven is a smartphone backup and synchronization service. It backups call history/logs, messages (SMS, MMS & emails), images, audio, video and sync contacts (phonebook) and calendar (appointments & to do items) with the Rseven website. On the website all your phone activities are presented in a Timeline format chronologically. Please visit rseven.com for more information.

-Auto Backup

Due to requests from users, we've added the auto backup feature in the latest version of the Rseven application for Nokia S60 & Windows Mobile. Just archive as you usually do, and you'll get a notice to upgrade to the latest version of the Rseven application (v1.09).
After installation of the application, you will be prompted to set a scheduled Auto Backup day & time. By default, all data are automatically selected for backup to the Rseven server.
Alternatively, you can also choose to turn off the auto backup feature.

-Contact Manager

Based on feedback received from Rseven users like yourself, we've enhanced the way you can manage your contact by introducing the Contact Manager feature. With the Contact Manager, you can do multiple selections of your contacts to perform the following:

* Delete - permanent deletion of the selected contacts. This action will delete the selected contacts from the Rseven website, as well as from your mobile phones.
* Set To Inactive - mark the contacts as 'Inactive'. This will delete the contacts from your phone to make your phonebook more manageable. However, the contacts are NOT deleted from the Rseven website. If you want to activate the contacts again, just go to the Inactive Tab and set the contacts to 'Active'.
* Mark for Download - force the download of the contacts even though no changes have been made to the contacts. This is useful if you've accidentally deleted the contacts in your phone, or if you just want to get a fresh list of contacts in your phonebook.

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