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    uploaded by on 05.12.09 @ 11:03

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RomPatcher+ v2.3 Final Version by Il.Socio

RomPatcher+ v2.3
RomPatcher+ is an improved and fixed version of the RomPatcher software developed by ZoRn.
Using RomPatcher+ it is possibile to reach a new level of customization for you Symbian phone.

Change-Log v2.2 > v2.3:
+ New: now RP+ can be integrated in the cooked ROM firmware
+ New: added Universal InstallServer patch (N95 and many other devices are supported too)
+ Fixed: issue when two patches were using the same shadow-page. When one patch got disabled, the other patch got disabled too.
+ Improved: patches are now installed during first launch of RP+ using the file RP_Patches.zip
+ Removed: installer executable is now useless, since the RP_Patches.zip will be processed by RP+ during first launch.

Warning: If you like this software then support RP+ with a donation.

How to install:
There are 3 different ways to install RomPatcher+
1) If your phone has been hacked to allow installation of unsigned .sis then install RomPatcherPlus_2.3.sis
2) If your phone has been hacked and has the Leftup root CA, then just install the RomPatcherPlus_2.3.sisx
3) Otherwise, use your DevCert or OpenSigned online to sign and install the "Lite Version". But, in this case, you MUST also manually copy BOTH the files patcher.ldd and patchershadow.ldd in c:\sys\bin\ folder.


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Rating: 4.6/11

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18.05.11 | 01:05

Hey can you share that theme ??? :(

21.01.11 | 02:00

1 illuminatus01, I have read multiple forums trying to add these elements to my 6120c, but to no avail...
Your best bet is to DIY, No R*T*RD is going to sign all the apps or files needed to hack your phone...
I came to realise that when I needed to hack my 6120c... It never got hacked. All these sites do is re-direct you to another site, then they provide a link to a signed copy of the app, only to find it cannot be installed due to a certificate error. Man, I wish I could help, but the best way to do it: Do It Yourself... You will win that way...

05.10.10 | 12:41

c/sys/bin is not accessible if the phone isn't hacked

06.12.09 | 07:00

hey i need the patches for clearing the search, wifi and calender icons on the activ standby of my n82. Can anyone give me a working link to those patches?

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