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    uploaded by on 06.12.09 @ 22:38

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Use these patches at your own risk, You may damage your phone !!!

No Camera Capture Sound - This removes the Capture sound of most Cameras

No Calendar in Active Standby - This removes the Calendar Entries Display from Active Standby

No Search in Active Standby - This removes the Search Display from Active Standby

No To-Do in Active Standby - This removes the To-Do Display from Active Standby

No WLAN Search in Active Standby - This removes the WLAN Search Display from Active Standby

Change the Whole *#0000# Screen - This Changes the info that is showed when typing *#0000# when in Idle screen

No Running App indicator Circle - This removes the small Cirlce from the menu that indicates what apps are running

Change the Browser On Key 0 - This changes the Browser to another Browser, or any other Application when holding the 0 key pressed in Idle screen

Extra Voice Commands - This Allows 3rd party applications to be opened with Voice Commands

Change SWIpolicy Path - This changes the Path of SWI Policy, this allows installation of some applications that could not otherwise be installed

Enable hidden Menus - This Shows the Menus that are hidden from the Visible menu (note: not all menu items work)

C before Z Patch - This changes about 10% of files to be executed from C:\ instead of the Z:\ Drive (special patch, not included in the zip below)

Midlet Permissions Hack - This overrides the Java policies (special patch, not included in the zip below) 


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Rating: 5.0/9

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28.09.11 | 16:21

deal with it

09.04.10 | 13:53


12.12.09 | 17:56

yes they show up in rompatcher but when i apply "no calendar in idle" or some other patch, nothing happens

12.12.09 | 12:28

put them in the patch folder in memory card

12.12.09 | 10:57

doesnt work in my n81 8GB
how to get them work?

08.12.09 | 02:01

What did you do to make them work Red?

07.12.09 | 23:06

ah, now they work.. biggrin lol

07.12.09 | 22:15

no idea why, but these patches doesnt works on my 6120c biggrin asfter I apply patch, it succeeds, but the supposed result isnt working biggrin for example, remove calendar from main screen, disable running apps circle, enable hidden menus etc not working...

06.12.09 | 23:54

Thanks Red, I didnt know about these patches. biggrin Time for fun, huh, Blade? biggrin

06.12.09 | 23:12

what is that Midlet Permissions Hack

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