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RockNScroll Beta 1.0 - Unsigned

I have told you yesterday that I was honoured by Keynetik to receive RockNScroll as one of very few elected people to have a look at it even before the public release.
It is clear for me to present you all the features of this amazing application in this large preview and I really hope to succeed in fulfilling the quality of this application.
Dont care if you dont know anything about RockNScroll, I will start completely from the beginning.

What the Application is about

Accelerometer technology is currently amazing most of the users of current Nseries phones. The amount of available new concepts and new applications isnt stopping.
The most famous developer of accelerometer using applications, Samir, has started the wave of accelerometer application with rotateMe, a wave which didnt stop till now and wont stop so soon.

Samirs next project was Nokmote, the first application which brought motion input to S60 devices. Nokmote was actually developed for playing games and was simply too sensitive to work satisfying for menu navigation.

Shortly after its release, a video occurred on YouTube showing an application you could mistake as a Nokmote copy. However, only a little deeper glance showed that RockNScroll developed by the worlds leading motion input enterprise, Keynetik, is everything else than that.

RockNScroll is a single sensor based application providing motion input to latest Nseries phones like the N82, N95, N95 8GB and also the coming N96. That means you can control your phone only with movements without pressing any key, providing access to nearly all functions of an S60 phone.

The application is not only thought for menu navigation; it offers also a gaming mode bringing new gaming experiences in a similar way like Nokmote. Of course this is just a little extract of what this powerful software can do. Read on to discover more about its other features.

RockNScroll gives you the possibility to navigate in the menus of your accelerometer supporting Nokia device by using different gestures. With little flicks of your wrist in the corresponding direction, you are able to move the cursor right and left, up and down.

Menu navigation consists of course not only of moving the cursor. RockNScroll supports a Push gesture which is used to confirm a selection and a Pull gesture for back or exit command. As you can see, Keynetik thought about all necessary possibilities to make menu navigation as comfortable as possible. It didnt work with Nokmote like this, not only because of the high sensitivity, but also because of the lack of a Back gesture.

While navigating, you can hold the device in nearly every angle you like; the application adjusts itself to the phones position. Also an advantage in comparison to Nokmote which worked only in a certain angle.

1. Up/Down/Left/Right tilt gestures to emulate single press on navigation pad. Will be operable in any orientation (portrait/landscape) and any position (horizontal/vertical/in between) as shown in the video. Good for menus and some games.
2. Some noise filtering. It won't be totally immune to interference, but it will be usable while in motion (walking, driving, etc.)
3. Adjustable sensitivity levels
4. Scroll mode: Tilt (same as 1) and hold for scrolling to emulate press and hold on nav pad. Good for phone books, media player, etc.
5. Game mode: Orientation and position specific based on device tilt and angle. Meaning you will have to hold in horizontally at 0 angle in landscape orientation. Good for at home gaming.
6. Screen rotation: Rotating device from portrait to landscape.

Files in this release (make sure to read the pdfs):

* KEYnetik RockNScroll End User Agreement

* RockNScroll Beta 1 Manual

* RockNScroll.SIS


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