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    uploaded by illuminatus01 on 24.11.09 @ 06:01

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VoxTrack Personal is an application for recording all incoming and outgoing calls on your phone without the hassle of pressing a button. Nokia recording software currently has the limitation of a key that need to be pressed in order to activate the recording of the conversation, and also has a 60 second limitation on the length of the call.
VoxTrack Personal allows you to automatically (or manually if you choose) record all your outgoing and incoming calls and store them as either as .AMR (Smallest), .MP3 or .WAV files on your phone for easy retrieval. You also have the option of turning off the recording "beep” sound for recording notification.

Features include:
Switch between manual and automatic recording.
An option of enabling a warning beep for callers to hear that the call is recorded. This however can be turned off at any time.
Choose between .AMR, .MP3 or .WAV files as the recording file format.
Full details of recordings can be viewed which includes; outgoing/incoming call, time and date stamp, caller/recipient’s phone number and duration of call.
Switch between phone and memory card for file storage.
VoxTrack Personal allows you to recall discussion on your cell phone with the touch of a button.



2.Sign the application file with your own cert and key (you must do this even if your phone is hacked, otherwise you will have to use this as a trial version and you will not be able to use the full version)

3.Sign the 'patch.sis' file with your own cert and key (again,you MUST do this)

4. Install the application file first

5. Install the patch.sis file



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24.11.09 | 21:39

ah, illuminatus01, that tutorial wont help for you, because u dont have such editing buttons... u need to use BB codes, see more here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BBCode

Ill update that tutorial, so that it helps also newer users smile

And mobile, u have that advanced editing/adding menu, so only you are doing something wrong... cause there are only those 3 methods mentioned, that works.. others arent event possible! biggrin so, try again reading tutorial biggrin

24.11.09 | 20:10

but how did u upload the screenshots in your psiloc voxtrack upload last night?

24.11.09 | 19:43

I been having the same problem. biggrin

24.11.09 | 14:28

hey, i've read the tutorial on how to upload screenshots, but none of these work for me. Plz tell me what is the simplest way to upload screenshots for an app

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