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MoBots are small applications that you can build in your phone using a very simple graphical interface. They act automatically on specific events like small robots. This is why we call them Mobile Robots or MoBots.

They are so simple, that only contain three types of building blocks:

Yellow block that represents events capable to wake your MoBot, like clock, incoming calls and sms, or enter a cell location or a bluetoothrange..

Green blocks that represents conditions that should occur when the MoBots receives previous event, to allow the execution of the task, like the active profile, time, or location...

Blue blocks that represents the actions will take place automatically when the above is true, like ring, vibrate, place a misscall, send an smsor mms.. etc.

So you can create several MoBots that respond to you different and on daily situations and all are independently active or sleeping. To get more powerful, some MoBots actions may be to activate or disable others MoBots, so complex behaviours like games, can be created.

Imagine you want to give a misscall to your girlfriend, everytime you arrive at her house in the evening, as a signal to her so she comes out. This is a very simple task for a MoBots, that awake when it senses the cell-id of your girlfriend house, see if is evening, and then place a miss call. Only three blocks of MoBots :-)
If your mobile has accelerometer, you can leave a handset in your car, and if you create a MoBots that if there is any movement, then place a call to your other handset or you can create an alarm that your car is being stolen with only two blocks of MoBots.

So MoBots makes the "dream come true". Finally, everyone, not only skilled software developers, can create applications for mobile phones, and this application will be shared by the worldwide community

Imagination is the limit!


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