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Kaspersky Lab KMS9 v9.4.95 S60v3 v5 OS^3 SymbianOS9.x Signed Cr@cked-KroliX / c1cl0n

The product provides the following options:

* scanning of the file system for viruses and other types of malware on demand or according to a preset schedule;
* antiviral scanning of files on access;
* quarantining of infected files and the remedying of some of them;
* updating of databases on demand or according to a preset schedule via GPRS-Internet, Wi-Fi, EDGE or ActiveSync (for the Windows Mobile version);
* blocking of unwanted SMS’s and calls;
* blocking of the user’s data if the device is lost or stolen;
* deletion of the user’s data if the device is lost or stolen;
* protection of the device against TCP/IP protocol network attacks;
* creation of folders in which to store encrypted files;
* allows the location of the phone to be remotely identified (if the device is equipped with a GPS receiver);
* blocking of outgoing calls and SMS’s to specific numbers;
* allows the temporary concealment/restoration of personal information.

The easy-to-use intuitive interface helps the user to manage the product.

The product is installed in the main memory of the mobile device only.
Product components:

Kaspersky Mobile Security 9.0 includes the following components:

* Anti-Virus
* Anti-Spam
* Anti-Theft
* Firewall
* Encryption
* Parental control
* Privacy Protection

please Read Note

install note :

Set KMS_9.4.95
Start the animation and exit.
We include CapsOFF
Along the path C: \ \ private \ 20028DDF
rename the folder 20028DDF, adding the unit (like so 20028DDF1)
Find settings.kls file and rename it to settings1.kls
Open it in X-plore, pressing the button 8 (hex)
Click Options> Search in hex and enter 3b, there is first rezultat.snova click function and choose to look further. There exists we need the line at 000100 (the first column Hex) it we need. Now, after the values 3b write the first 14 blocks of values, in my case is 46 4e 5a 47 31 28 31 48 57 54 47 4f 40 f7.to we have got 14 pairs of numbers / letters. We write them all where else.
Now just open the file settings.kls, which is located in the archive, click search in hex and look for the same line. We see the following values 3b numbers 58 58 58 58 58 58 58 58 58 58 58 58 58 58 so they need to be replaced by the figures that we recorded the original file.
Replace, save the changes.
Delete the file settings1.kls.
We take our just edited and settings.kls Suppose it on the path C: \ \ private \ 20028DDF1.
Back to rename the folder from 20028DDF1 in 20028DDF
Run Kaspersky

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