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    uploaded by on 20.11.09 @ 21:18

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Supplier: Anton Plyaskin aka Werton.
Language: Russian / English.
ImageDesigner - graphical editor c ample opportunities.
- Create / Open / Save images in png or jpg format.
- Ability to open multiple images simultaneously in different windows.
- Work with / between the images via the clipboard: isolation, cut, copy, paste from the clipboard (just inside the program).
- Tools: pencil, brush, eraser, line, rectangle, ellipse, polyline, polygon, fill, spray, text, pipette, magnifying glass, isolation, stereotyped hand.
- Convert images: rotation, mirroring, resizing, changing the size of the canvas, cut selected, modified bpp (bits per pixel), invert colors, convert to a mask, replacement of color, saturation, sepia, lighting, shading, blurring
- Undo, redo.
- Exporting, importing color palettes.
- Easel for color selection.
Gore. keys in the preview faylmena:
5 - Opening and closing the preview;
ok - close the preview;
up / down - prev / next picture;
right - open the current image;
leftsoft - menu faylmena;
rightsoft - close faylmen;
left - to close the preview and go to nadkatalog.
The changes in version 1.37: added:
- Batch resizing;
- Ability to open multiple files at once.
Changes from version 1.36d:
- Removed redundant loading the module, due to which the program was not run without modulpaka;
- Minor grammatical corrections in language files;
- Spanish: in blurring the selected area with the lasso or ellipse happened brightening the bottom row of pixels of the site;
- Spanish: not reappointed mountains. Keys toolbars and palettes;
- Spanish: Disconnect the mountains. keys after using the gradient;
- Spanish: after the application of the gradient flew selection, if it was active;
- Added floating panels 2 speed settings: very low and very high;
- Spanish: partial compatibility with EQ Fastlang;
- Spanish: menu not working in the palette;
- The possibility to rotate the selected area at any angle;
- Added ability to add additional palettes;
- Spanish: a challenge to the main menu on the left soft did not close an open dashboard;
- Spanish: when you open an image in a new window in an old box kurcor "froze";
- ISP: gradients are not always filled with the selected area;
- Spanish: error in loading palettes at startup;
- Spanish: offending mountains. keys;
- Spanish: error with insertion of a buffer, copying the selected area with the lasso;
- Added new option in settings - Request for withdrawal.
If you have unlocked smartphone and then swing set, if not, then the file must sign.
For the operation of the application required to run Python 1.4.5

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Rating: 5.0/15

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21.11.09 | 14:38

Yeah, you must try this. Even, i ever make my avatar only use this, lol biggrin

21.11.09 | 14:36

blade, do u have python installed?

21.11.09 | 13:57

this dosent work for me sad

21.11.09 | 12:00

il try this biggrin

21.11.09 | 11:40

omg, photoshop on mobile phone? biggrin

21.11.09 | 11:31

Not really true. Its seem like photosob..

21.11.09 | 08:59

Seems like a very complex app with all the features. I will give it a try with python. biggrin

21.11.09 | 00:37

Nice, i have this one so long a go. I edit my avatar use this.

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