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    uploaded by on 09.01.10 @ 11:33

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FontRouter LT 2.05(16603)

1. Download
Download FontRouter LT, install it to hacked phone.

!Application MUST be installed onto memory card!

Also note that this application will not show in your applications folder - It is used automatically and internally by the phone

2. Find a font
Any .ttf fonts can be used but please note that some fonts are not 100% compatible - You will end up with blocks for unrecognised characters etc. but having a play around will do no harm

3. Apply (This is the easy bit)
3a. Connect your phone to your computer via USB cable and select 'Mass Storage' mode

3b. Create a 'fonts' folder in the 'resource' directory of the memory card

3c. Copy your selected .ttf file to the 'fonts' folder

Now unplug your phone and power it off then on again and your font will be displayed!

To remove font you must power your phone off and remove memory card. 
Reinstall it and power phone on. Now it wont be rite protected.

WARNING: N95 8GB users will NEED to use this method as using the 'Copy and rename four files' method WILL render the Data Transfer mode unusable - The fonts end up being used every time the phone boots up, which makes them unremovable and causes a loop in which the flash memory cannot be accessed via data transfer mode.

Instructions for changing the font

Once you have installed a font, Data transfer/Mass storge mode is not possible due to the FontRouter application using the memory card/flash memory. Use these methods to regain access and change the font..

N95-1/3/5 users (With memory card slot)

Method 1
Use a card reader! Simply take out the card and straight onto your PC to access the files and folders needed with no restrictions. Reinsert the card into the device after placing a font and restart the phone - Simple!

Method 2
1. Turn off the phone
2. Take out the memory card
3. Turn on the pone
4. Reinsert the memory card (After the phone is fully booted)
5. Full access to the card in Data transfer/Mass storage mode is regained!

After placing a new font, simply restart the phone to display it

N95-2/4 (8GB version) users (Without memory card sot)

1. Open the native File Manager (Menu -> Tools -> File Manager)
2. Find the file E:\FontRouter.ini
3. Move the file to a different folder on the memory card (Options -> Move to folder) - Any folder will work for this
3. Restart the phone, and you have full access to Data transfer/Mass storage mode again

After replacing the font, move the FontRouter.ini back and restart the phone. Your new font will be displayed.


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Rating: 5.0/13

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11.01.10 | 15:58

this is a good app mobile1 biggrin biggrin biggrin

10.01.10 | 17:47

inspite of doing all these stuffz....install Fontrouter LT and then one more software called just FONTROUTER....put a font in ur phone n browse it thru the FONTROUTER software and restart ur phone...done simple as that..:D

10.01.10 | 16:36

wow, cool biggrin but sad that latvian language has those special letters (like ā ē ī ģ ķ etc) and most of fonts just shows those squares... sad

09.01.10 | 17:52

for simple. all you only need instal this application. if say not compatible, ignore and just continue for install. then open x-plore, go to data/font. input thats *.ttf file there. restart phone. done. for delete *.ttf:remove mmc, restart phone, input your mmc. delete *.ttf. actually this apps compatible, you just need other apps that make allow you for manage and change your font size,etc.

09.01.10 | 11:34

Red this is the font you gave me. I finally put it to use. biggrin

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