mobile phone, designed for maximum compatibility with most phone models.

Note that the actual performance depends on your phone.

Current version 0.8.00 (public beta). Watch for the latest news!

* Tempo range from 30 to 299 BPM, adjustable incrementally, by direct value entering or Tap Tempo
* Available sounds (if supported by your phone model): WAV samples, tone generator sounds, MIDI sounds(*) and system event sounds
* Adjustable beat with different downbeat / upbeat sonds
* Builds available for handsets: MIDP2 (recommended), NOKIA (but if your Nokia can handle midp2, use that instead), MIDP1 (system sounds only)
* Free!!

(*) MIDI functionality available on MIDP 2 build only, still very limited and is to be improved. Recommended you set Beat value to 1, Upbeat sound to None and Downbeat to MIDI Click if you use it.

(C) Matej "Aziraphal" Hrovat 2008
Made in Slovenia