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ASGATech Quran v2.0 with Audio

SymbianOS 9.x

Now it’s easier to read or listen to any part of the Holy Quran where ever you are.
- Search for a Verse or Sura.
- Bookmark your favorite sections.
- Hear the Quran narrated.

Tips & Tricks:
- You can change the font size by going to
'Options > Settings > General > Font size'.
- To listen to narration of a verse, select
'Options > Listening to Verse' and enter the verse number.

With the Quran application you can:
- Read the Holy Quran in digitized Othmany font, included with the application.
- Listen to a well-known narrator read the whole Quran or just the sections you select.
- Find a Verse or Sura by entering the number, choosing from the menu or by
searching the entire Quran for a word or phrase.
- Save your current position using the bookmark option or set the application to open at the same place automatically.
- Select the language you prefer from Arabic, English, French and Urdu.

Installing Quran.sis:

1. Extract Quran 2.0 with patch.rar on your PC
2. Copy all three files into your memory card.
3. Run ASGATech Quran v2.00 Mod-ArabPDA.sis on your mobile phone.
4. Run Pach.Fix.*****.Quraan 2.00.sis on your mobile phone.
5. If you need Arabic Tafseer then run Tafseer plug-in-Mod-ArabPDA.sis on your
mobile phone
6. Now restart your phone.
7. You will be asked for registration here you click on manual then inter
000000000000000 (15 times 0)

Adding Audio for recitation of Quran on you compatible mobile:
1. Download the Quran Audio Zip file and extract it to your PC, the following folder structure will be created ‘ASGAQuraan’ including all the MP3 files.
2. Connect your compatible Nokia device in Mass Storage mode to your PC.
3. Copy the whole extracted folder ‘ASGAQuraan’ files in Memory Card on root.
4. Start the Quran application and listen to the Quran narrated by Sheikh Ali Al Hudhaifi.

Main Features:
• Friendly and comfortable user interface that conveys the Arabic and Islamic look and feel.
• Holy Quran in digitized Othmany font (El Madina font style) and Madina Moshaf look and feel (chapters marks, sajda Marks, etc).
• Controllable font size that could be increased or decreased by the user.
• Listen to the Quran narrated by famous narrators.
• Listen to the selected Aya, Sura or the whole Quran.
• The recited Ayah is highlighted with a different color to help following the recitation.
• Full control so that the user can stop, pause or play recitation according to his/her needs.
• Explanation of the Holy Quran with the ability to add or remove any Explanation's plug-in.
• Read the explanation for the selected Aya, Sura or the whole Quran continuously.
• Search in the scope of Aya, Sura, or the whole Quran.
• Search by exact word or by part of the word.
• Virtual Arabic keyboard to simulate the phone keyboard, if Arabic is not supported.
• The ability to navigate directly to a specific Aya or Sura.
• Unlimited favorites list.
• Bookmarking to save the last reading position.
• Adjustable background color.
• Backlight option to enable the user to read the Quran anywhere.
• Supporting four UI languages (English, Arabic, French and Urdu).

Platform (OS):


N85, N79, N78, N96, N82, N95-3 NAM, N81, N81 8GB, N95 8GB, N77, N93i, N76, N75, N91 8GB, N95, N93, N73, N73 Music Edition, N73 Special Edition, N80, N71, N92, N91, 6210 Navigator, E63, E71, E66, E51, E61i, E65, E90 Communicator, E62, E50, E70, E60, E61, 6124 Classic, 6650, 6220 Classic, 6121 Classic, 6120 Classic, 6110 Navigator, 6290, 5320 Xpress Music, 5700 Xpress Music, 5500, 3250

Quran 2.0 with patch.sis

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21.05.10 | 11:19

ermm.. i already install.. but how to get those font working.? after install it only appear as square font wink

09.09.09 | 19:52


09.09.09 | 19:27

pepz i cant say anything in in chatbox sad

08.09.09 | 21:27

it works too... try this: http://www.mediafire.com/file....tch.rar

08.09.09 | 18:28

Audio file is fine.Its,Quran 2 with patch.sis,i cant download it.

08.09.09 | 18:07

which link? it seems working for me...

08.09.09 | 16:55

Link broken,can u fix it?

05.09.09 | 15:43

nope, its emty there...

05.09.09 | 15:33

i didnt download, that downlaod link was made by somebody else at one forum, wait a sec, ill check comments there, maybe problem solved/links fixed...

05.09.09 | 15:29

The link is not broken.but,i cant instal,file is broken.can you upload again from other server or from where u get it?thx

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