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Now you can talk to your phone and it understands you.
Send a friend a text message without typing. Just speak, verify and send. Or find stuff. Say, for example, "pizza places in Pittsburgh." Your phone figures out what you want, finds it and shows you how to get there. No tapping, no thumbs, just good old speaking. What's more, you won't have to repeat yourself if the phone misunderstands you.

It's all possible with technology by vlingo — a revolutionary software that translates your voice into text like nothing before.


Ever wish you could look up a business by name or category and call it, map it, or save it to your contacts list? Ever wish it was free?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could do this all from your cell phone, any time, any place, without having to type on your phone’s tiny keypad or deal with its clunky web browser?

Welcome to FIND, from vlingo. FIND is a voice activated application with all of the best features of the phone book, Yahoo!™ maps, and your cell phone all rolled into one. Whether you’re looking for a specific U.S.-based business like a nearby Starbucks, a type of business like "donuts in Des Moines”, or just a map of where you’re going, FIND will get it for you; all in the same time it takes to call directory assistance (we’ve timed it!).

FIND lets you speak any request at all, without ever worrying about having to repeat yourself over and over while the phone tries to figure out what you said. There’s no charge for downloading or using the application, though normal carrier data charges may apply.

Why Is FIND Better Than Other Voice-Enabled Application?
Vlingo has invented an entirely new approach to speech recognition. First, we’ve built the most accurate speech recognition you can get anywhere. Period. Compare it to anything else and see for yourself.

Then, unlike all the other solutions, we let you say anything at all (OK, it does need to be English language). No limits. No guessing what words you can say. You can find anything.

Next, FIND adapts to your voice, your phone, and the words you and others use to search for things. It gets smarter the more you (and others) use it. If there’s a new word that FIND doesn’t know about, like "Qdoba”, it will automatically get added to the dictionary as people start to type it in, so it will work for the next person (which could be you).

If you’ve ever used speech systems in the past, you know that like people, they sometimes make mistakes hearing you. We know that too, so we’ve built a lot of unique technology to give you the best speech experience on the planet, bar none. We’re users too, and we disdain that endless cycle of errors as much as you do. When FIND makes a mistake, it gives you lots of ways to correct it, including typing, speaking, and our innovative and super-fast point & click correction.

The maps screen will map numerous addresses and cities throughout the world, but we do not guarantee that every location is included.

FIND's business listings are limited to businesses located in the United States.

FIND's speech recognition is designed to understand only the spoken English language, and will work best with U.S. accents. However, it will adapt to other accents over time. Other languages will be added in the future.



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