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S60Ticker s60v3 v0.2

The application S60Ticker offers in version 0.2 (beta), a typical Ticker (treadmill)
For current and important information. Currently, all incoming SMS messages
With IP phone number and message text.

Because of the publicly available SDKs * Developer
Further applications, and integrated data services:

# News Feed
# Stock Ticker
# Mobile Banking information
# Weather Forecasts
# Current music titles (playlist)
# Ff

The main setting is now directly on the application S60Ticker configurable.
- New option false headers Visible (|) enables true / hide the current time.
- Installation files reviewed. Until further notice only an installation file available for download, S60Ticker including S60TickerServer. Anwendung .In the case of an update, version 0.1 must be installed on the program manager only use "S60TickerServer" to be removed - current cfg-Datei will be deleted!

Problems Resolved: Display of incoming SMS messages despite buggy Theme / Skin.
Known issues: none

From the Official site, translated by BabelFish...
S60Ticker for Nokia S60 (Symbian OS 9.x)

::: description:::

Application S60Ticker offers a typical Ticker (run volume) in the version 0.2 (beta)
in order to indicate current and important information. At present all detailed SMS messages become
with sender telephone number and message text indicated.

::: Download (SelfSigned):::

S60Ticker v0.2.2 (beta) S60Ticker_full_S60_3_X_v_0_2_2.sisx

Note: Over application S60Ticker at present still the actual S60TickerServer must
to be at least once started (and/or also after Reboot of the equipment).

::: Konfiguration/Setup:::

Over application S60Ticker the most important attitudes of the Tickers can be changed.

These and further options are stored in the following configuration file:

> c:\Data\Others\S60TickerServer\Server.cfg
[ Main ]
Position=1 // 0-top, 1-bottam
PositionOffset=21 // offset: Number of pixels (from above and/or down)
FontName=Arial //Name character font
FontSizeInTwips=140 // font in Twips
ColorScrollText=4294967295 //Standard for text color
ColorScrollBackground=4294901760 //Standard for background colour
DurationSMSSeconds=60 more //the announcement of detailed SMS
ResetInactivityTimeWhileActive=true //
VisibleAtStandbyScreenOnly=false //Visible in standy or everywhere

Over the range demo can be deposited (more durably) a text for the purpose of demonstration.
[ demo ]
Message=+++ this message is sequentially repeated! +++

::: acquaintance of problems:::

Description (Readme)

First public release.
Admitted problems: On some devices no detailed SMS messages are stopped in the Ticker. Possibly due to incorrect Themes/Skins.
- are now directly configurable over application S60Ticker the most important attitude.
- new option HeaderVisible{false|true} makes the in-/ fading out possible the current time.
- installation files revises. Up to further only an installation file than Download available, i.e. S60Ticker inclusive S60TickerServer. In the case of an update of the installed version 0.1 only application "S60TickerServer" must be removed over the program manager - current cfg file is deleted thereby!
Behobene of problems: Announcement of detailed SMS messages despite incorrect Theme/Skin.
Admitted problems: none

(* for Nokia S60/Symbian OS9.1 available starting from before-outer. 15.12.2007)

::: view:::

For the version 1.0 the among other things following Topics are planned.
- SymbianSigned
- various Hotkeys
- support diagram/banner (jpgs, gifs)
- GUI S60Ticker-Setup
- time-steered tick-pure-slow-acting
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