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Color blindness test Dr. Color v1.0

a software to test the color-blind;
Forgot to do when an estimated received a medical examination that the doctor Eye  color useful book ,
Is able to identify eye color, is due to eye color vision  there are three of the vertebral-shaped cells, dendritic cells of the three vertebrae were not able to absorb the wavelength range of light, namely blue - purple, green, red - yellow. When the vertebral injury or cell aplasia, there may result in color blindness.
to cause to points, color blindness can be divided into congenital and acquired color blindness color blindness. Congenital color blindness more, there is an obstacle for the red and green color vision. Most of the color identification of the gene is located on sex chromosomes, and for the recessive inheritance. In terms of extra-budgetary normal color vision expressed genes, that color-blind gene in polyethylene, it is expressed as color-blind men XbY, the capacity of the normal color vision for XBY, if men do not carry color genes are not the normal color, while non-genetic factors ; women were expressed as color-blind XbXb, with color blindness gene, but the capacity of the normal color vision for XBXb, normal color vision ability, not with gene for color blindness XBXB.Rule out the possibility of color vision offspring factor gene mutation, the offspring with their parents the relationship between the capacity of color vision are as follows:
parents are color-blind (XbY, XbXb)
Son XbY, daughter to XbXb, which are color-blind offspring.
Ability to father normal color vision, color-blind mother (XBY, XbXb)
son XbY, daughter to XBXb, that are color-blind son and daughter as a result of persons with color blindness.

Color-blind father, mother, normal color vision capacity (two cases)
Father XbY, mother
Son XBY, or XBXB daughter for XBXb, that is, the capacity of the normal color vision son and daughter have a probability of 50% due to those with color blindness.
father XbY, mother XBXb
XBY son or XbY, or XBXb daughter for XbXb, that his son has a probability of 50% of the color-blind daughter as a result of those with color blindness. Ability of the parents are of normal color vision (two cases)
Father XBY, mother XBXB.
Son XBY, daughter to XBXB, that is, the capacity of offspring have normal color vision.
father XBY, daughter to XBXb
son or extrabudgetary XbY, or XBXB daughter for XBXb, that his son has a probability of 50% of the color-blind daughter has a probability of 50% due to those with color blindness.
Incidentally, as a result of human genes to identify the color from the x gene, so if the mother is a color-blind person, then it must be born color-blind son. ( (Because the first 23 pairs of chromosomes of men acting genes, and the color will only make the next generation of mothers may be color-blind genetic Chuan-x gene to the full genetic son.) Can not distinguish between red and green, this is the problem of gene, not the rule  of no big deal, are color blind and color abnormal performance. Color blindness can not refer  to color, the most common is red and green eye blind. Blind people with red eyes  in the absence of the retina contains a red pigment, as a sense of each red blood cell, is not sensitive to red light. Blind people with green eyes in the absence of the retina that contains the green flu-min as the green pigment cells is not sensitive to green light. 。 The two color-blind can not distinguish between red and green right, they can see color, only the difference between blue and orange.

0 because of the lack of blue-sensitive visual pigment with a sense of the blue cells can not correctly distinguish between blue and orange color, but also some, but is extremely rare. In addition, there are a relatively rare color blindness, color blindness is called wide. Such a person, eyes the retina cells, the lack of a sense of color, any color can not distinguish colors, they see the world as black and white TV as only white, the difference between gray and black.

refers to the ability of color difference, which is the most common red and green weak weak. Weak red, and eyes a sense of the retina contains red blood cells in the red pigment red-sensitive as some anomaly, not sensitive to red light. Weak green, and eye retina cells sense contained in the Green-min as the green pigment in some unusual, not sensitive to green light. both of red and green less than the resolving power. the degree of light to heavy. Severe red, green, weak, and red and green, almost blind, to distinguish red, green, have great difficulty. Red light, green weak, we can distinguish between red, green and white, but somewhat difficult. color and are usually congenital and acquired abnormalities feel relatively rare, with most of the retina are the consequences of disease. Acquired causes of color blindness may be related to the retina, optic neuropathy, such as trauma, glaucoma.


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06.05.09 | 21:18

ha ha im 0 0 0 blind biggrin thanks god biggrin

04.05.09 | 17:15

ha ha looks great biggrin gonna try, see how blind am I biggrin

04.05.09 | 18:48

lol its only a small application. but yh, im not blind lol.

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