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    uploaded by Moe a.k.a Moedot7 on 04.05.09 @ 13:46

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The release includes:
  • my gcce release build,
  • the s60 sdl binary release,
  • nokia's openc redists (the redistribution license document is included, if you don't agree to the terms within, don't use them! from my limited understanding this should be ok, if not, let me know and i'll kill the post).
  • example dosbox.conf and mapper.txt
  • detailed" :-) instructions in README.TXT

Release Notes :
  • i built this release using the 3rd edition sdk, even though i tested the new touch-ui specific functions on the 5th edition sdk emulator build. i really don't know if these 3rd ed builds will work on a 5th ed device like the 5th emu builds did. i can (and will if necessary) release a 5th edition phone release build (though i wont be able tot test that build, for lack of hardware). so, 5800 owners, "feed-me-back", please!
  • if you are using a 5th ed touch-ui device (like the 5800), or have a higher than qvga resolution, then ABSOLUTELY! if your device is a 3rd ed qvga, you only need this if you want the rotate screen function, and/or want easy per-game input mapping (you know you do! :-) notes on scalers:
  • using scalers other than none will probably have some negative impact on performance. there is probably no pointin using scalers on qvga devices. they're intended for upscaling to qhd (and similarly high) resolutions. don't bother with gl if your device is unaccelerated. notes on the virtual keyboard (for touch-ui):
  • i could only test this on the 5th-ed sdk emulator. (you still haven't donated a 5800, or enough cash for me to buy one :-) that being said, consider the feature BETA. (don' hate if it don' work!) i really wish a dev with device access would join. you'll need to draw your own overlay bitmap and define your own keys. if you've been around, you'll get the hang of it... and earn the right to call yourself a POWER-USER (!!!) ;-)

changes from release 20090305:
  • s60mapper -previously 'premapper' - now implemented as 's60map.com' dos command (you can define mappings per game, and load them in the batch file  you launch the game with)
  • definition of virtual keyboards for touch-ui devices now possible in s60mapper see comments in provided 'virtkeybmap.txt' example for more information
  • added various screen scaling engines (software, s60, opengl/gles) primarily intended for qhd (640x360) devices. see provided 'dosbox.conf' comments
  • rotate screen 180 degree option added (or resurrected) by popular demand for n95/96ers!


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28.11.09 | 17:16

what is this ? biggrin

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