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Mobisophy Interactive Voice Call Master v2.50.0820 S60v3 S60v5 Unsigned Cracked-Symbian@ParsPDA

IVCM is an IVR based call manager + no beep call recorder. It's the most powerful and professional call manager on the market.
Customizable, professional IVR responses (What's IVR):IVR can be your answering machine or personal operator. With your personalize greeting to instruct callers to leave a message, press key to transfer their calls to other numbers, or answer by yourself!
Unlimited time, no beep call recorder for incoming and outgoing calls. (Important information for no beep call recording)
Many popular features like: accept/reject calls by lists/phonebook, reject calls by SMS, and divert calls by lists/phonebook.
Flexible, unlimited profiles to define different call handing methods for your different situations.
Weekly or daily schedules to activate different profiles automatically.

What's personal IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
IVR is a technology to detect remote callers' key press sequence and respond them by pre-defined actions. In general, these jobs are done by embedded hardwares or more powerful computers. For example, most companies' corporate telephony systems are handled by IVR. Callers can press key to choose extension number to connect to, or choose to leave a message when callees are unavailable. Another example is interactive information centers. They are used for automatic information inquires through ordinary phone calls.

Our personal IVR technology is implemented purely by software. IVCM is world first and the only mobile application that can realize IVR features on your smartphone!

Detail descriptions
• Seven responses for incoming callers
When an incoming voice or video callers are in a specific list or phonebook, there are possible seven methods to handle their calls.

Accept (don't handle)
Respond by personal IVR: Callers will hear your personal greeting to instruct them to press keys. Possible selections like leaving a message (answering machine), transferring their calls to other numbers or answering by yourself.
Send busy tone
Reject by SMS
Divert call to operator's voicemail system or other numbers
Record incoming and outgoing call conversation (this can only be applied to voice calls)
Mute ringer

• Flexible, unlimited profilesYou can divide callers into at most seven groups, including five groups determined by phonebook or lists, a group for callers not in above lists and a group for private number. Then assign any response method above to any group. These combinations are called 'profiles'. You can create unlimited profiles as you wish.

• Powerful weekly or daily scheduler
You can configure to activate any profile automatically at appointed time every day or every week. For example, Activating 'Office' profile at 9:00am and 'Off duty' profile at 7:00pm from Monday to Friday, them activating 'Holiday' profile on Saturday and Sunday.

Important information for no beep call recording IVCM supports unlimited time, no beep call recording for incoming and outgoing calls on all Nokia S60 3rd phones. But due to hardware limitation of different phone models, there are two types of no beep call recording available listed as fellows.

Lossless no beep call recording: Phone call conversation will be recorded without any loss.
Interruptive no beep call recording: It will cause very small amount of phone call conversations not being recorded per second. But it won't hurt quality of phone call recordings.
In system settings, if you set the option 'no beep phonecall record' to 'Yes', IVCM will use lossless no beep way to record calls. Set the option to 'Force no beep', IVCM will use interruptive no beep way to record calls. If your device model doesn't support lossess no beep call recording, don't worry, IVCM will change to interruptive no beep call recording automatically.

You have more than 700000 days to use it
Don`t forget to sign it.

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Rating: 5.0/9

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razzaq khedara  
28.04.13 | 07:50

dear sir

 i found 1 problem in ivcm 
when i new record in ivcm after my mobile hang

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