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    uploaded by on 29.03.09 @ 16:39

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vFacer v2.2 (face recognition)

Well friends, a Catalan company has developed a software protection mobilephone, which can block mobile and to unlock through the front chamber will make a scan of the face and if it corresponds with the default in a profile that you have to do before,
lets you access. If the lighting is not good (at night, for example) can also unlock by entering a code before you default has to adjust the profile before he commented.
I have tried it on the N70 and it works perfectly, 2 files are installed separately and only you create an icon.
Start up perfectly, you give to create new profile, you must enter a name, makes you 3 pictures of the face and then intruducir the code to dial in case of low light.
You have the option of multiple profiles, and the first to be created is the Administrator and it is impossible to erase (only uninstalling and reinstalling the application).
Theapplication is in English but understands perfectly.
The only thing missing for me to run (because I already have my profile set up and each time I want to access the application makes me face recognition and all that works right) is to make it work locks and unlocks the keypad that’s not make it though the objective of the implementation is essentially that.
Let’s see if we manage to operate between all that aspect.

Download Here For Free
Download Here For Free

Rating: 5.0/8

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02.04.09 | 08:58

what happened to ur site man ? i can't view my profile as well as private message. i hope u fix this soon. i see new updates in Comment.

02.04.09 | 22:44

it's fixed now, read more here: http://redpepper007.ucoz.com/index/0-10

29.03.09 | 17:11

umm... it doesnt locks anything for me... well, yes, it recognizes me, but thats all. When I lock my keypad, and then unlock, everythings as it was, it doesnt asks for any code or something... Swagata tell more!!!

29.03.09 | 17:01

sounds great, ill try it too biggrin

29.03.09 | 16:58

lets try this out

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