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Handy Weather
Handy Weather will keep you connected with updated forecast anytime anywhere. All you need is wireless Internet compatibility to get weather news and forecast for 40 000+ preset cities worldwide. 10X faster than a browser! 10X easier! 10X less traffic!
Handy Weather features
Four handy and good-looking views
Complete wireless weather coverage available: high and low day temperature, weather type icon and text, wind direction, UV index, pressure, visibility and more…
3 types of weather maps: Temperature, Pressure and Satellite
Automatic update forecast (every 4, 8, 12 or 24 hours)

Handy Calendar
Handy Calendar is a powerful timekeeping system. It helps you to organize your schedule, reminds of your family special days, helps you to be in time and won’t let you forget when and where you should do something.
Handy Calendar
useful special features:
4 different views: Month, Week, Day, and Tasks.
2 modes to open and preview any entry: anniversary, all day event, task or appointment.
Identification and highlighting contact names, phone numbers, e-mails and URLs and possibility to use them directly from Handy Calendar.
Hot keys for all important operations
Zooming text size for better visibility and lager screen capacity

Handy Safe
Handy Safe is a perfect assistant for secure and convenient data managing. Have all of your important information in one place, safe, easy to access, and always with you.

35 unique information forms or create new forms using the existing templates to store passwords, credit cards details, codes, accounts (email, shopping, bank), addresses, travel info, insurance policies, software keys and much more.
Handy Safe password protection and strong 448-bit data encryption (Blowfish) keep your data private and secure on your Nokia N81.
Handy Safe Desktop
is a PC companion included enables you to synchronize your information between smartphone and PC to add, edit and access your Nokia N81 information on PC easier.

Handy Blacklist
Handy Blacklist protects your time and piece of mind by keeping undesired calls off your phone.
Handy Blacklist features
contains numbers you want to be blocked. You can add numbers from recent calls, contact list or just by typing them. Blocking of Private and Unknown calls is also available.
Allow list
contains numbers which will be allowed to receive while others will be rejected. In addition, you can choose a "reject” action to return a prewritten text message back to the caller or to forward call to a preset number.
Timed activation
is available for both lists.
Tracking of the blocked calls is reflected as Log view.

Handy Taskman
Be in full control of your smartphone with Handy Taskman easy and quick!

Find and start the desired application by typing the first letters of its name.

Create shortcuts in the Favorites list to start applications, call or send SMS to the Contacts with just one click.
Run Handy Taskman by pressing and holding Menu button.
Get full information about running programs and about free memory left on the phone (RAM, Phone memory and Memory card).
Switch to, Close, Kill any application or Close them all in one click.

Handy Profiles
Handy Profiles is a new utility will change your understanding of smartphone profiles. Handy Profiles automatically switches profiles according one or several rules for each profile.
There are 4 types of rules you can set:
Location rule – a profile is activated, when you are at a specific location (e.g. Office, gym, or home).
Time interval rule – a profile is activated for the time you set (e.g. Since midnight till 7 o’clock).
Calendar entry rule – a profile is activated, when a Calendar event with specified keyword (e.g. Meeting) takes place.
Timed profile activation for the preset interval of time activates the current profile then the time is expired.

Handy Clock
is an advanced world clock and time management application.
6 main views
let you manage your time in different ways:
World clock view shows time in five world cities at once.
Day-night map reflects what part of the day is in the city you need.
Alarms for any case: once, next 24 hours, daily, weekly, and workdays.
Timer helps you to do something within a certain period of time.
Stopwatch measures the time interval and notes the result.
Time log tracks the project’s time even if Handy Clock is not running.

Handy Expense
Learn where your money is gone during your business trip or holiday. Don’t pay travel expenses from your pocket! Calculate them all with Handy Expense software.
Main features
Preset and personal types of expenses and currencies.
Analysis of your expenses according to type of expenses, time period or type of payment.
Possibility to export the report on you PC or send it via SMS or e-mail.

Handy Calculator
Handy Calculator gives you access to all basic calculator functionality in prompt and easy way. Just one touch of joystick allows you to fulfill any math operation with your Handy Calculator.
Numerous additional options of Handy Calculator will answer your daily calculation needs:
History list shows 5 last operations;
Last results list contains last 20 results of calculations;
Copy – Paste function allows you to insert calculation results to other applications, etc.

Handy Converter
Handy Converter is your all-in-one currency and unit conversion solution. Handy Converter will provide you with an accurate answer to all your extensive calculations!
Handy Converter
allows you to:
Quickly and easily convert given amount to up to 3 foreign currencies!
Get the currency rates provided by European Central Bank and updated daily on your mobile device. (GPRS/EDGE/UMTS)
Know exactly how much money you should get in any particular situation. Handy Converter take into account not only the specific rates, but commission as well!
Convert a certain number of the most frequently used measures you can come across: length, weight, temperature, volume, clothes…

Handy Keylock
Lock your keys when you don’t use it. Set the timeout once and your smartphone will be automatically locked and protected against accidental pressing.
For slider phones:

Smartphone keys will be locked automatically at slider closing (without confirmation message).

Handy Shell features:
  • Today view completely replaces Active Standby and collects all important info on your smartphone’s screen.- Digital clock, date, alarms- Application shortcuts- Phone indicators (Bluetooth, missed calls, new messages, new emails, active profile, active theme)- Calendar events - Weather data (5 days weather forecast with weather type icon and temperature)
  • Applications view gives a fast access to frequently used applications.
  • Contacts view shows 12 favourite contacts with optional dial or create message actions
  • Dial and Start allows to find the desired contact or to launch applications directly from any view. Just start typing first digits of phone number or first letters of contact’s/application’s name. Handy Shell will interpret them in T9 manner.

Handy Shell Serial :

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16.03.09 | 09:40

these slows mine mobile down, because i have only about 18mb free ram, and many more needed apps running in background... thats why i dont use them... bet yeah, they are great!!!!

16.03.09 | 09:12

i don't think these make phone slower. I personally use handy shell , task man and weather. My phone has not become slow and i think it will not be.

15.03.09 | 23:48

i wudnt recommend this, its slows down ur phone by up to a half, its great, but only with powerful ram. And its only good for landscape phones. But much obliged, please do try it if u wish.

15.03.09 | 18:49

u r welcome. smile

15.03.09 | 18:38

now its much better. thanks smile

15.03.09 | 18:38

can u increase the capacity of Short Description box a little bit more ?

15.03.09 | 18:37

i added pictures.

15.03.09 | 15:58


15.03.09 | 15:57

some screenshot is needed.

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