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    uploaded by on 09.01.09 @ 09:12

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A chat-style SMS communication tools in S60. You can read and write SMS in a cool user interface like Msn Messager.It gives users a handy follow up screen to track the sent and received sms messages to and from one particular contact.It also supports emoticon ! It has many other cool features.v1.7
-Spam SMS filter.
-Speed up the process of loading SMS.
-Show the SMS content in the popup message window.

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Rating: 4.6/7

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27.01.09 | 15:14

ur welcome, but say thanks for app to Swagata, he uploaded it! biggrin nice, that u like it!

27.01.09 | 14:18

so the "-ThreadSms" after every text using this app to reply will still remain there huh. tsk. too bad. hmmm, well, thanks for this app tho.:) and thnx for replying. smile

26.01.09 | 21:33

oh, i got another idea - maybe cracked means ''already registered''? biggrin

26.01.09 | 18:36

i also get the register button. but i think as it is cracked, it's full though the Register is being shown. i can use the full application.

26.01.09 | 17:20

i meant to ask what the app redpepper gave me does. :P the conversation thing. anyway. it wont open in my phone. :|

&, well, there's an option to "register" in the menu list of the app.(threadsms). and any number of codes i input doesnt result to any progress.

wait. when i use this, everything i send ends with "- ThreadSms". so i figured that once i have this thing "registered" that threadsms thing will not be part of my texts anymore. or will that "thing" remain there even if i have this app registered.? does your msgs have the -ThreadSms after your every text to other people swagata.? smile if not, then i guess the "cracked"-ness of this app doesnt work for me. sad

ohwell. thanks for replying anyway. smile

and my phone is hacked. dont worry. smile

26.01.09 | 16:41

jun domingo, i cant understand what u r telling about. cant u read it "You can read and write SMS in a cool user interface like Msn Messager." ? this app provides u with the opportunity of composing sms, replying sms with cool emotions of msn messenger. it's a SMS manager. its unsigned. u need hack ur phone, or sign it. it is free and don't ask for any registration code. no code required. i have tested.

26.01.09 | 15:41

i gave u the same app only different version! and to contact swagata, click on his nickname and chose ''send pm'' smile

26.01.09 | 15:35

wait, what does this app you gave me does exactly.? :P

and how can i contact swagata.? he doesnt seem to reply to my posts. :| :))

26.01.09 | 15:24

uimm.... then ask Swagata, i didnt uplaod this file... or u can try this version: download

26.01.09 | 15:20

yes. coz it says that i can input any code. but sometimes it comes with a fixed amount of characters. but ive already tried to input 1-7 or 8(i tried to fill it with codes until it wont show me what i typed any more.) chars of code. but still nothing.

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