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    uploaded by on 04.12.08 @ 08:32

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IM+ is a mobile messenger that allows you to chat in MSN® / Windows Live Messenger™, AOL® / iChat, Yahoo®, ICQ®, Jabber® and Google Talk™ from your mobile.

Current version is 6.14
Main Benefits

* Direct and simultaneous connection to all supported IM systems: MSN®/Windows Live Messenger®, AIM®/iChat, Yahoo!® Google™ Talk, ICQ® and Jabber®
* No cost per message, only standard payment for wireless data transfer.
* One-Time Purchase Licence: all further updates included.

Key Features

* Message History. View correspondence with your contacts even when you're offline.
* A list of contacts who you have new messages from will be displayed by focusing on the envelope in the upper right-hand corner.
* Voice messaging enabled. Send and receive voice messages with IM+.
* File transfer. Excellent alternative to MMS, send files over GPRS.
* Full presence status support. Set your own status to give your contacts an idea of your mood.
* You can see your contact's status in dialog window.
* Contact list management functions including add/delete features.
* Layout aware. Screen renovation during the orientation change (portrait and landscape).
* Set up melody alert. Select the melody for messages received. Select the melody when another user gets online.
* Multiple dialog windows. Don't miss a moment, chat with several buddies simultaneously.
* Smileys. Add emotions to your messages, a huge set of funny faces available.
* Multiple code pages support. Exchange messages in any language installed on a phone.
* Integrated help function. Easy to configure and easy to chat.
* Support requests. Send support requests directly from mobile device.
It's FREE !
Important : If u can't install it, go back to 2007, make the date 2007.


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19.02.09 | 06:45

this is old version. try the latest version, http://redpepper007.ucoz.com/load/3-1-0-561
but to install it u need to hack ur phone or sign the unsigned app. http://redpepper007.ucoz.com/news/2008-12-29-27 or http://redpepper007.ucoz.com/news/2008-11-12-2

19.02.09 | 05:32

still doesn't work

03.01.09 | 21:39

Lisa Burnett, thank u for ur interest. please make ur phone's date 2008, then install it and after that, make the phone's date 2009. if 2008 doesn't work, make it 2007.

03.01.09 | 20:59

i am getting an expired certificate error......

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