FullHDMI for HTC EVO v1.1.0

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: FullHDMI mirrors your HTC EVO 4G screen over HDMI to an external display. ROOT is required.


The app works on AOSP and Sense based kernels, NO CUSTOM KERNEL NEEDED. Some advanced features require a special kernel, however, but general functionality does not.
The app supports resolution changing, landscape and portrait, and custom screen mode without the need for special kernels.

FullHDMI will not attempt to disable HTC's Gallery and Youtube HDMI output (or any other app trying to output to HDMI), so if you are on Sense and want to use these two apps please disable the service so you dont get double output over your HDMI.
For AOSP ROMs, audio can only be played through the phone and not HDMI. This is not an issue for Sense ROMs.
If your TV says "resolution unsupported" or you dont see your screen mirrored, then please go to the resolution tab and change the resolution. Not all TVs support all the resolutions the app can drive.
If the service cannot be stopped, please make sure you download the latest busybox from the market, its free and fixes this issue.
For more info, notes and FAQs please visit http://************/fullhdmi

Recent changes:
** Fixed no-root-found issue on some phones
** Fixed a bug where service cannot be stopped