requests like *100# or *123# to check your remaining free minutes and account balance, as well as traffic and sms usage.

Does not work on some Sony Ericsson devices.

This costs you nothing, and the automatic update system can be set to run only when the screen is off.

The replies to these commands are parsed by Balanced into minimalistic text widgets that can show you things like your account balance, your credit limit, the number of free minutes, SMS and internet traffic remaining.

At the moment, Balanced also offers some usage statistics that many will find useful.

Recent changes:
This is a hotfix:
1. Fixed cancellation of USSD requests
2. Fixed update on screen off
3. Small UI tweaks
4. Statistics colors fixed
5. Widget updates fixed
6. Delimiters fixed
7. Better help (more soon)

Content rating: Everyone

Latest version: (for Android version 2.1 and higher)